Lolita Timeline

November 2012

This is my first coord with a handmade skirt.

February 2013

I got all dressed up for a meetup, but I ended up not being able to make it. Maybe that’s why I look so angry.

April 2013

A classic coord for the first nice spring day of the year.

June 2013

Look! It’s my first skirt again!

August 2013

This is my first go at an oldschool-inspired coord. This is also my first coord with a brand piece (the headdress is from Innocent World).

December 2013

Photo taken by A Marie Photography.

This was my outfit for International Lolita Day. The dress I had planned on wearing turned out to be dirty, so I had to throw this coord together at the last second to make it to the meet on time.

These photos were taken by a super kind girl in my comm. Check out her work at

January 2014

My community has an annual museum visit, and this year it was during the Carnegie International.

May 2014

My first brand dress, and another go at oldschool.

July 2014

As of writing this post, this was the last time I wore lolita. I hope to change that soon.

Thanks for sticking with me for the duration of my timeline. I hope you enjoyed the ride, and I hope you could see some improvement through the years.

Stay elegant,


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