Corset Journey: Seasoning, Days 1 and 2 (First Corset!)

Hello, readers,

This post is about something that isn’t lolita-specific, although it can be applied to and used with lolita. It’s a corset! Whoo!

I’ve wanted a proper corset for ages, and I finally ordered one at the beginning of this semester. This isn’t going to be a review, because I don’t have enough experience with corsets to say anything with authority, but I will go over my ordering experience.

I ordered a made-to-measure (petite) Josephine corset in black satin from Isabella Corsetry. I placed the order on September 30, and it shipped on November 13. I knew going in that it would take 4-6 weeks for her to make my corset and ship it, but I also think that there were a few delays because of Halloween being in the middle of that time frame. Anyway, Isabella was always very nice whenever I had a question and she always responded promptly to inquiries made from the “contact us” button on her website.

She used two-day shipping with USPS, and the postman tried to deliver it when I was out. Because I needed to sign for it, I had to go to the post office and pick it up on Monday. The postal worker was very nice and told me to be careful when opening my package because it had been dented along the way, particularly if I was expecting to get something fragile. Since the dent wasn’t too bad and a corset is mostly fabric, I was only worried about whether it had gotten wet.


Lo and behold! She had shipped it wrapped in plastic, so it would have been protected even if the box had gotten wet, and she put in a couple of packing air bubble things so that it wouldn’t get jostled too badly during the trip.


She included some instructions, too.


As delivered

Unfolded, flat

Unfolded, flat


Unfolded, inside


Sewn-in modesty panel


Unfolded, outside


The inside of the corset, along the waist tape, is exactly 26 inches when laced closed.

I’m really happy with this corset. Ignore the weird colors that my camera makes this corset look; the whole thing is black. It feels very sturdy and well-made. It feels proportionate to my body when I put it on, but for now I have to assume that it will fit me correctly when laced closed. I don’t want to rush into things and try and squeeze myself ~5 inches smaller immediately. There will be updates on the fit as I wear it more.

The satin is very nice in person, but it looks very weird with my camera. Anyway, you might be able to see that some of the seams overlap a little bit into the channels. I personally like that because those areas of the corset are going to get a lot of wear, and this sort of thing makes that seam stronger than if there were just a single point of stress. If you were to order a corset from Isabella Corsetry, the channel seams would probably be like this. When worn, you really cannot notice it, so the little bit of overlap is well-done.

* * *

I am currently seasoning this corset using the 2-2-2 method. So, for two weeks, I’m going to wear my corset for two hours a day, cinched down two inches. As of writing this, I’ve done this two days, and it’s really very comfortable. I don’t feel restrained at all, and my back has even been hurting less because I’m forced to have better posture when wearing my corset.

Anyway, here are the pictures from Day 1. (Please excuse the fact that I am shamelessly taking pictures in my roommate’s bedroom.)

I know, this is such a flattering T-shirt to wear as in my "before" shot.

I know, this is such a flattering shirt to wear in my “before” shot.


Put loosely on


34.5 inches to start, worn loosely


Tightened to 32.5 inches


I have lots of hip room right now. I expect this corset to start fitting better after a few days.

Now here are some bad, super-cropped pictures from Day 2.

IMG_1012 IMG_1022

I’ll try and get someone to help with these pictures from now on. (At least I’m in my own room this time!)

The next update will probably be in a week or so, around Day 8.

Stay beautiful,



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