Offbrand Lolita Finds: Loliable Blouses (Forever21 and H&M)

Hello, readers,

Here is another installment of Lolita Finds. This time, I’m focusing on offbrand, ready-made blouses.

I have scoured the depths of several mainstream clothing stores looking for loliable blouses, and the only ones I saw that wouldn’t need any modification come from Forever 21 and H&M.

Before getting on to the pictures and links, I feel like I have to speak my mind. I’ve seen a lot of coords using Forever 21 blouses, and I really don’t like most of them. I honestly think that the Forever 21 “Peter Pan” collars are much too small, and they’re not round enough to work with sweet lolita, which is how I see them used a lot. Also, the general aesthetic of Forever 21 and such stores seems to be really boxy. The ideal they seem to be going for is a skinny, flat-chested girl with a very long torso whose clothing just ever-so-magically billows around her. That really doesn’t overlap much with lolita at all. As such, the shape of most Forever 21 et cetera blouses doesn’t work well with lolita.

I think the best way to wear these blouses with lolita is to wear them exclusively under JSKs or tucked into high-waisted skirts. They look really baggy and weird when worn with a regular lolita skirt.

Anyway, now that you know my thoughts and have read my warnings, here are the blouses I found.

* * *

embriodered chiffon

Forever 21 – Embroidered Chiffon Top



I think that this one would be wonderful for classic. It’s got such an old vibe to it, and looks pretty late-Victorian/Edwardian to me. The neck details on this one are surprisingly nice, and the cuffs are also have a little ruffle. I appreciate that there isn’t some weird skin window in the back like in a lot of Forever 21 blouses, because I find that sort of thing really distracting in a lolita coord. I think that this blouse would work under both JSKs and high-waisted skirts because that lace overlay goes down the front of the whole blouse. This only comes in one color (peach??), so you’d have to make sure it would work with your wardrobe before buying it.

Forever 21 - Classic Ruffled Top

Forever 21 – Classic Ruffled Top



I think that this is a really nice and fairly style-neutral blouse. The neckline is really plain, but the ruffles and the pintucks make up for that. It’s a shame that the cuffs are also plain, but I still think that this would be a great blouse to wear under JSKs. The ruffles and pintucks end at a weird spot that might look really weird with a high-waisted skirt, depending on if that “stopping point” is visible or not. This blouse only comes in white and, while I think that it leans more towards sweet and classic, I think that this could even be used in gothic lolita.

Forever 21 - Sheer Ruffled Shirt

Forever 21 – Sheer Ruffled Shirt



This one is also pretty style-neutral. Since this one is sheer, it’s important to make sure you either wear something under it, in the case of a high-waisted skirt, or only wear it under JSKs. Visible bras don’t really go that well with lolita. Anyway, the collar and cuffs on this one are pretty plain, but the ruffle down the front is nice, and the sheer fabric gives a delicate touch that I think looks really nice with lolita. This blouse only comes in black, so I can see it working into more classic and gothic coords, but it could probably work with black colorways of sweet lolita.

H&M - Lace Blouse

H&M – Lace Blouse



This one has something weird going on with the waist, so I’d still try and only wear this blouse under things, despite it being the least boxy blouse on this list. The neckline and front of the shirt are fairly plain, despite all that lace, but the sleeves are puffed and the fabric actually looks like it’s nicely textured. You really don’t find very many textured offbrand blouses, so I think that’s pretty nice. This blouse only comes in white, and I think that this would work best with sweet lolita.

H&M - Long-sleeved Blouse

H&M – Long-sleeved Blouse



This last blouse is one that I think would work well with otome or retro-inspired lolita. The cuffs and collar are both really plain, and so is the front. For me, this blouse is really just riding on the big, polka dot print. (Actually, this blouse comes in other colors and another print, but I think that this version is the only one that could work with lolita.) I think that this blouse should only be worn under a JSK because I think that this would just be too much visual information on top if just worn with a high-waisted skirt.

* * *

Now, personally, I do not like Forever 21 or H&M very much, and I do not fit into most of their tops (or I fit, but I look really bad in them). As such, I can’t speak to the quality or feel of any of these blouses. If you are fine with Forever 21 and H&M and don’t have a problem with their clothes, then one of these blouses might be a good addition to your wardrobe.

Readers, what do you think of these blouses? Do you think that they’re loliable? Are there other loliable blouses avaliable for sale in mainstream stores that I missed? Feel free to leave links and such in the comments!

Stay savvy,




2 thoughts on “Offbrand Lolita Finds: Loliable Blouses (Forever21 and H&M)

  1. Thank you so much for posting these! I especially love the first three blouses and I think I’ll have to check the Forever 21 website for them. I don’t have a lot of blouses and I seem to have a horrendous time finding Loliable ones in stores, even in stores such as this (though I usually leave out of sheer frustration at the mess and cheap fabrics rather quickly), so this is extremely helpful.

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad that this was helpful. I also have a super hard time trying to find loliable blouses in brick-and-mortar stores, especially at stores like Forever 21. (I also end up leaving the stores really quickly, completely exasperated.)

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