Outfit Roundup: November 2014

Hello, readers,

Happy International Lolita Day!

I’m personally not wearing lolita today because I have too much work to do before finals week, and I need to focus on that. However, I’ll celebrate by sharing my outfits from the past month now that I’ve finally started wearing lolita again. From the end of July to the beginning of November is far too long to go without wearing lolita, especially since I have nothing (like a job where a uniform is required) preventing me from getting fluffy.

* * *

I wore this to see Avenue Q at my university. There was a goth vampire LARP going on outside the building, and I got a couple of knowing nods from people. Funnily enough, my boyfriend was mistaken for being a close friend of one of the people there, and he was just in jeans and a dorky T-shirt.

I’m not happy with this coord, but this is what I threw together at the last minute to go see the opera Otello. Last time I went to the opera, it was a chamber opera that was quasi-modern, and most of the cast members were hipsters. (Seriously, they were listed in the program as being hipsters!) It was a pretty slow, dreamlike sort of opera. Not so with Otello. This was such an awesome and mind-blowing show. There were so many people onstage singing for some of it. It was amazing. Of course, my boyfriend and I were sitting very far back, so it was very hard to distinguish between the male characters at first. Maybe this is the perfect excuse to get some opera glasses…

I’m quite proud of this coord, but I love every time I get to wear an oldschool look. Blackxwhite will never go out of style! I wore this to a meetup, and I had a pretty good time. I go to meetups really, really infrequently, so I’ve had a bit of a hard time getting to know very many of the girls in my comm. (This was my first meetup since January.) We all went to a restaurant, and I ended up sitting next to two girls I knew/had met before, so it was pretty nice.

Enough about the meetup, let me just indulge a moment in how awesome this bonnet is.

It’s so wonderful. I stayed away from bonnets for a very long time for a couple of reasons. The first one is that I think that they’re pretty extravagant, and I hardly have any extravagant clothes that would “match” a bonnet. The second is that I feared my face would look weird in a bonnet. Still, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity I had to get an amazing deal on this one, and now that I have my first bonnet, I think I might be hooked. We’ll see how things go.

* * *

Stay celebrating,



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