Lolita Blog Carnival: Personal Lolita Goals for 2015

Hello, readers,

For my first post as an official member of the Lolita Blog Carnival, I’m going to look forward to 2015. I’m going to share a New Year’s resolution post later, but that will be more about lifestyle goals. Now, I’m going to just share a few lolita-specific goals for this upcoming year.

* * *

1. Fit into this skirt Currently with my corset, I am an inch and a half away from finally fitting into one of my dream items. I bought this skirt a while ago because I found a good deal, even though I was nowhere near fitting it at the time. I will definitely be able to fit into this skirt within the next year, but my actual goal is to be able to cinch down to somewhere under 28 inches by February for a meet. Also, the moment that I’ll be able to fit into this skirt is the moment that I’ll be able to fit into brand in general instead of only fitting into fully-shirred brand. True, it will only be brand skirts that I can wear, but that still breaks down a huge barrier to improving my lolita wardrobe and style. I still may not buy very much brand, but I’m looking forward to even having the option.

2. Sew and craft more

My first goal is very brand-oriented, but don’t let that fool you. I really want to focus much more on starting and completing skirts, JSKs, and OPs. I have a sewing machine, a serger, a lot of fabric picked out for specific projects, and a decent amount of sewing ability. What I really need to do is prioritize differently so that I spend my free time working on making some more lolita pieces and accessories instead of watching TV. This also connects back to this blog. I really want to put up a whole bunch of tutorials. I have more skills now than when I first started getting into lolita, and other lolita tutorials were invaluable to me. I want to make this blog into a space where I can help other lolitas can learn. That won’t happen until I get off my butt and start actually working on the many projects I have planned.

3. Maintain this blog well

Besides tutorials, I really want to work hard to keep this blog active. At the minimum, I want to post one substantial post every month. I have a couple of things already scheduled for the upcoming months, so I really just need to maintain a good blogging schedule. I would very much like to get to a point in my time-management skills where I can post something worth reading once a week. Joining the Lolita Blog Carnival will definitely help me with this blog since I’ll at least have a weekly prompt available to me if I can’t think of any ideas on my own. I also plan on going through the LBC archives and writing about older topics.

* * *

I see all of my goals as just different ways to wear lolita more often. With more pieces (both brand and handmade) and a more active role in the online lolita community, I hope that I will be able to actually wear the fashion I love so dearly on a more regular basis.

I wish you the best of luck with all the goals you set. Wish me luck with mine.

Stay optimistic,


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