English Gothic & Lolita Bibles!

Hello, readers,


Look who just got the full set!


I’m happy to say that I now have all five volumes of the English translations of the Gothic & Lolita Bibles. I’ve wanted them for a very long time, and I recently decided that it was time I got them. I’m super excited to finally have them all – patterns included!

In case you don’t know what the Gothic & Lolita Bible is, it is a quarterly Japanese fashion mook (magazine + book) that covers new releases from brands, visual kei music/musicians, aspects of the “lolita lifestyle,” and street snaps of lolitas. In 2008/2009, TokyoPop published English language “translations” of the mook that had new, additional content specifically catered to Western lolitas. By this point, these particular editions are super, super old and outdated. (To be honest, they even had outdated content when TokyoPop first published them in America.) There is no reason whatsoever for a modern lolita not interested in oldschool to even want these translations.

The English versions of the Bibles came with sewing patterns in the back that are now almost impossible to find intact because the mooks have been out of print for so long now. Finding complete versions of these is super hard now, especially because the surest way of making sure they have the patterns is to buy them off of another lolita. There are a bunch of affordable, used copies on the internet, but they’re being sold by Goodwill or other people that I don’t trust to even know that there are supposed to be patterns in these things.

Despite all the work it was to try and find complete mooks, I’m really happy I decided to get them. The Bibles are really nostalgic for me. These particular mooks played such an important and influential part in my discovering lolita and falling in love with it back in high school. (Oh my, I’ve interested in lolita for a long time now. When did that happen?) I remember getting these mooks out of the public library over the summer and pouring over them, trying to memorize every detail of every gorgeous picture.

I’m not just making a whole post about the Bibles because I’m happy to have them. I want to share them with all of you, too. Her Curious Elegance did a couple of posts when she finally got her set of the English versions of the Gothic & Lolita Bibles, too. She did a “let’s read” for the first and second volumes, but the last one of those was published in April, 2012. The blog in general has been inactive for around a year and a half now, and I don’t have much hope of her ever finishing her series. So, I’m going to pick up where she left off.

Check back in the coming months for a look through the third, fourth, and fifth volumes of the English Gothic & Lolita Bibles!

Stay reading,



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