Lolita Blog Carnival: Favorite Lolita Hairstyles

Hello, readers,

This will be a quick little post in response to this week’s LBC prompt. This week, the bloggers of the Lolita Blog Carnival are talking about our favorite lolita hairstyles. I normally have a difficult time choosing my favorite anything, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. So, using examples from Gothic & Lolita Bible scans, I’m going to give my favorite hair style for the three styles I wear: gothic, classic, and oldschool.

* * *

Favorite Gothic Lolita Hairstyle

I love the look of pin-straight hair, particularly if it has hime cut bangs. Maybe my love for this hair is heavily influenced by western goth ideals, and maybe it’s all just hair envy because I have curly hair. Regardless, I think that long, straight hair just looks great with gothic lolita. I think that this hair style is more suited towards monochromatic gothic looks, though. Something about the elaborate, busy nature of things like the Alice and the Pirates print Merry Making in the Ghost Town needs bigger hair with curls or waves to balance it out.

Favorite Classic Lolita Hairstyle

For whatever reason, I really like hair to be up in classic lolita. Maybe it’s the more visible historical inspiration of classic lolita, or maybe it’s just the prominence of high collars, but I think that an updo can benefit a lot of good classic lolita coords. My favorite hairstyle for classic lolita is wearing your hair in two simple braids. I think looped braids are especially charming.

Favorite Oldschool Lolita Hairstyle

I love the ringlet look that used to be popular way back in the day. It’s definitely the most “perfectly polished and yet super creepy” doll-like hairstyle I’ve ever seen. I like this hairstyle worn down, but the ringlets do look cool in little pony tails, too.

* * *

I suppose it is only fitting to end a post about hair styles with a picture of my own hairstyle.

I normally use my natural hair in lolita, and I don’t really do much to it other than straighten my bangs. Looking at my favorite hairstyles, my hair is sort of a fusion between gothic and oldschool. Considering that that’s how I’d like my wardrobe to be, I’d say that’s pretty fitting.

Stay stylish,


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