Potential Hiatus

Hello, readers,

I’m currently taking graduate classes and preparing to apply to Ph.D. programs in December. I just finished my first week, and I’m still very excited and hopeful. Even so, I really am noticing the huge increase in what I’m expected to read and the time it’s going to take to complete all my papers and projects. As much as I love this blog, I really need to focus on my coursework and research right now.

I’ve prepared a couple of posts that are scheduled to be released every so often, but they’re probably going to be less-involved than I normally like to do. I’m also not going to be doing any current Lolita Blog Carnival posts at least until the end of April (not that I’ve been active in that circle lately). The other thing to note is that I might run out of scheduled posts before I can dedicate some time to this blog again, so there may or may not be a couple of weeks between now and winter break where I don’t post anything.

Best of luck with all your plans,



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