DIY Projects I Can’t Wait to Try

Hello, readers,

Right now, I live in a little rental house with my boyfriend and two other roommates. While our living situation worked fine for the last two years of undergrad and this transitional year, I’m getting antsy to just live with fewer people and have more of a say in how the whole house/apartment is furnished and organized. Part of the reason I’m a little impatient about moving is that I keep finding all these wonderful DIY projects online that I want to try out but can’t until I have more space (and free time).

So, here’s a little post of projects from around the internet that I’m excited about.


What I want is to buy a kit and assemble it, which may or may not mean “DIY” to you. I am not interested in designing and building my own little dollhouse from scratch, and I want it more for display purposes than for actively playing. The mother of one of my friends in elementary school had a beautiful dollhouse that she displayed in their living room. No one was allowed to touch it, but I fell in love with how tiny all the furniture was and how much detail she put into it. Since then, I’ve wanted my own dollhouse, and I finally have some disposable income to get started. Plus, I’ve found a ton of blogs devoted to miniatures that have made me fall in love all over again.

If I’m being honest with myself, I want something like this dollhouse:

Queen Anne Dollhouse Kit – Real Good Toys

It’s a beautiful Victorian house with a turret! The first problem is that this is a very nice, highly detailed house that I would need to furnish similarly. The dollhouse itself is over 1000USD, but miniature furniture is expensive, and I would end up spending at least twice the purchase price to furnish its 13 rooms. Of course, you can always make the tiny furniture using whatever tools you have (or investing in beautiful craft tools), but I do have limited free time and that is not how I want to spend it.

The other major problem is that this is a 1:12 scale house (where one inch of the dollhouse corresponds to one foot of a life-sized house), and that makes it absolutely massive.

Queen Anne Dollhouse Kit – Real Good Toys

I don’t even know if I could get that thing through a doorway, and I don’t think I’ll have space to display it even after a move. It’s huge!

I still want a dollhouse, though, and I’m currently investigating my options. The plan right now is to purchase a kit and assembling everything over my two-week winter break. I will be putting the building and decorating saga up on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in that.

Tea Cup Clock

Image and tutorial from Fresh Style.

Image and tutorial from Vintage Revivals.

Image and tutorial from Retropolitan Hip.

(I really like the one in the frame. That would also eliminate the need for cutting a circle out of plywood…)

The two bottom tutorials mention how heavy this clock gets. Maybe a solution to that would be to just use colored cups without saucers, but I like how the saucers look. Anyway, this is going to be one of the first things I make when I find a new place. This looks like it would be a nightmare to try and pack up and move, and I would hate to unpack everything just to find that 8 o’clock shattered.

Tea Cup Candles

I can’t find the original source for this.

Image and tutorial from Meg Perotti.

I love candles, and I just love how these two ideas turned out. While it’s tempting to try and make them now, since they’re small, we just don’t have any free surfaces for me to put them. Once we move, I’ll probably stick to the candle holder idea for my own home. I think that the actual tea cup candles would be fantastic gifts, though, and all the supplies and prep work would be a lot less hassle if you were making multiple candles.

Tea Set Lamp

Designed by Sarah Goodwin. Image and tutorial from Design Sponge.

Image and tutorial from Vintage Revivals.

Image and tutorial from Retropolitan Hip.

Image and tutorial from DIY Ready.

Oh, how I love this. I actually don’t like table lamps in general, but I’ll make an exception for this beauty. As you can probably tell by now, I really love tea cups and tea sets. I’ve always dreamed of having a full-service set, maybe even with its own display case, but I rarely have company and there’s really no point in spending that much money for a whim. Still, with all the tea set projects I want to do, I will be scouring thrift stores for ages to try and come up with the perfect coordinating china. This project definitely has to wait until I move and get settled in a new place, because I would be too nervous packing and moving this lamp.

Book Purse

I adore the look of the book bags that have been popular in lolita for the past couple of years. I’ve wanted to make my own for a while since I tend to doubt the stability of pleather purses. I think I like the “cut-out” method of making a book purse more than the “completely take out the book block” version.

I plan on making my eventual book purse by following a combination of these two Youtube tutorials.

Like the tea cup candles, I probably could make this purse now since it’s small. The main concern is that I don’t really have the time to look around for all the supplies and then take an afternoon to assemble it. Perhaps this is something I could squeeze into my winter break alongside the dollhouse.

After all those tea cup DIY projects, I should probably make my purse out of an Alice book for consistency…

* * *

Well, that’s is for this collection. I have a bunch of other projects I want to do, but they either don’t really lend themselves to picture lists (like painting our dressers black or making a simple shadow box) or they’re sewing projects that I don’t know when I’ll get done.

Have you found any amazing DIY tutorials in your travels around the internet? Have you actually tried them out? Please share cool projects in the comments below!

Stay excited,



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