Photo Diary: A Day in the Life of a Lolita (Old Lolita Blog Carnival Post)

Hello, readers,

Welcome to my photo diary! I’ve wanted to do this sort of post for a while, but all I really do nowadays is stay in and do homework. Yesterday (November 21), though, I went to go see A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed at my university! Whoo!

08:20 – I tried to get up early, but the room was so cold and my bed was so warm…


Plus, there was a little kitty sleeping next to me that I didn’t want to disturb.

09:20 – I actually managed to get up. There was still a sleeping kitty next to me.


Precious sweetheart

I wanted to get a shower now so my hair could dry on time, but the roommates were busy in the bathroom getting ready for work. I’d been thwarted!


Mismatching sheets galore! Spoiler: I don’t ever make my bed today.

I decided to do some laundry while I waited for the shower. The pile on the left is dirty clothes that need to be washed, but the pile on the right is clean clothes that I didn’t get around to putting away last week. Whoops.

10:50 – I got out of the shower, two hours later than I had originally planned. At this point, I just was hoping my hair would dry on time.


I had a lovely (if not particularly pretty) breakfast of apple cider and some leftovers while I waited for the washing machine to finish its cycle.

11:20 – I switched over the laundry and started thinking of my coord for later.


I decided to be fairly casual, mainly because I really wanted to wear this skirt out. I redid the skirt over the summer, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to wear it out yet. Here’s how the skirt looked before:

Can you tell yet that I’m a fan of turtleneck sweaters? After this, I just poked around the internet for a while. I really didn’t want to squeeze in any homework.

12:00 – I started getting ready now. Clothes, makeup, and hair.


Obligatory bathroom shot

Most of my hair dried really frizzy from the start. Ah, well. There was nothing I could do.

13:00 – I left my house and started walking towards campus. The trip takes a little less than half an hour, and the play started at 14:00, but I met up with my boyfriend for his lunch break from work.


I swear, I’m quite happy! I’m not sure why I look so stern here, but this was the best shot of my outfit.

We were pretty cute together, and we just chatted for a bit as we took a walk together. He took this photo of me after we found a nice-looking spot.

13:45~14:00 – I was the first one of the group to arrive at the theatre, so I grabbed our tickets from the box office and waited for everyone to arrive.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Yay!

I really liked the performance. They did a couple of interesting character splices (having two actresses play Puck simultaneously, giving some of Oberon’s lines to his attendant), and all the actors did a good job. There were a lot of dance scenes in this production, and lots of live music on stage. The Mechanicals were wonderful, and Bottom/Pyramus over-theatrically died about six or seven times (including death by stabbing, death by poison, death by lobster pinches, and death by fork-in-toaster) before he finally collapsed.

16:30 – The play being done, our professor took us out to dinner across the street.


I had a pizza with fig jam, goat cheese, and arugula. (I forgot to take a picture, but it mostly looked like a boring salad on some pizza dough.)

17:30~18:00 – I had a normal, uneventful walk home.


When I got home, I went and finished folding and putting away all the laundry that I’d started earlier.


My boyfriend was a sweetheart and brought me up some warm apple cider. Oh, how I love fall!

18:40 – After I finished with laundry, I settled down on the couch for an evening of doing nothing.


My boyfriend and I watched some Youtube together. Pictured here is a moment from a Pokemon battle on shadypenguinn’s channel.


That saggy sock drives me nuts!

A doll outfit I ordered came in the mail, so I tried it on one of my Pullip dolls. (I’ll put up a blog post about my two dolls once I customize them. Until then, here’s a sneak peak of Ruby.)


I read Two Noble Kinsmen, as if I hadn’t had enough Shakespeare for one day already.

22:30 – We ordered Chinese take-out for dinner as a house. The four of us don’t really hang out as a “family” very much anymore.

P1070178 P1070180

I got some General Tso’s chicken and strawberry mochi ice cream. I obviously had to eat the mochi first since it was already a little melty from the delivery.


We also watched Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. This was my second time seeing it, and I still would recommend it to anyone who likes a spooky, “old-timey” aesthetic.

00:00 – And that was my day. I went to bed fairly shortly after the movie ended. I hope you enjoyed this little photo diary.


Stay dreaming,


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