Dollhouse Diaries: Day 0 and Day 1

Hello, readers,

Welcome to my little series. I turned in my last paper for the semester on Saturday, and I spent Sunday celebrating by starting work on my little dollhouse! If you remember my post where I talked about the different dollhouses I was thinking about, I ended up getting the Arthur, the smallest.

Greenleaf – half scale Arthur dollhouse kit

Day 0

I’m calling this portion a day, but it was more like a week between when I ordered the first thing and when the last of the packages arrived.

In addition to ordering the dollhouse, I also got a couple of extras from Amazon. Firstly, some puzzle furniture:

Secondly, some craft sticks that will become my hardwood floors throughout the dollhouse:


But enough about that, let’s move on to the building!

Day 1

I really wanted to get started on the dollhouse itself today, but I was worried about progressing too far and having to wallpaper things. (I don’t have any suitable paper right now.) To make up for that, I started on the little furniture!

The first thing I made was a tub.

So far, out of the puzzles I’ve assembled, this was the worst fitting one. The top rim doesn’t really interact with the tabs. It just sort of sits on top awkwardly.

But no matter! On to the toilet!

Speaking of pieces just sitting on top, let’s talk about this toilet. The seat and lid do not have tabs, so they are just resting in place. However, this puzzle needs glue in order to be fully assembled. I knew this when I bought the kit, so I wasn’t disappointed. Still, it’s funny to look at the completed puzzle picture on the front and see that the knob is in place there when you can’t actually assemble it that way with just the kit.

After these two, I decided to finish up the bathroom and make the sink.

I actually think the design for this sink was really inspired. I love how the puzzle creates the depth of the basin, and I think the faucet is actually really nice when it’s put into place. This sink is one of my favorite pieces so far. (It also helped that the whole assembly fit together really well.)


Speaking of favorite pieces, this rocking chair is amazing!


It fit together well, it’s super cute, and it actually rocks back and forth. This kit also includes a rocking horse and a rocking crib for a baby. I’m not going to have a nursery, but I’m really tempted to make those puzzles anyway because I love that they actually move.

The more of the puzzles I assembled, the more I started to fall in love with this whole kit. Some of the pieces manage to have a surprising amount of detail.


For example, this living room set all has the same sort of wavy line in the chair backs, the coffee table shape and the top of the bookcase. The two beds have little round knobs at the top of the headboard posts, and the full-length mirror also has those same knobs. I’m really looking forward to painting the furniture to bring out those similarities more.

So far, the only piece that gave me real trouble was the vanity.


Firstly, I couldn’t get the tabletop into the slots and had to cut away a far bit of some of the other parts to get it to slide in. Also, the vanity broke in two places while I was assembling it. It’s a real shame that this one fought me so much because it’s so darn cute. The die cutting even marked which portion of it was supposed to be the mirror!

After everything, these are the furniture pieces I made today.


After I finished assembling these, I got to work gluing them together and plugging some of the holes with layers and layers of glue. (If I were doing this at my parents’ house, I could have mixed sawdust into the glue and made a nice wood filler, but that was not an option at my place. Ah, well.) I also cut off some of the tabs and sanded them smooth. I’m not going to share pictures of these modifications yet. Everything is going to look really nice when it’s all painted, and I want the furniture to be its own little reveal.

I will probably need to make more of the little furniture later, but I currently don’t have a plan for my fourth room. I want a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs, and I want half of the downstairs to be a living room. I had planned for the last room to be a kitchen, but now I’m not so sure.

To finish out the day, I glued the very first piece of my dollhouse together! I’m using wood glue, which takes forever to set, so this piece is being held in place while it dries with some hot glue in the inside corner.



I hope you’re excited to see this project come together.

Stay creative,


Here are the links to the rest of the assembly posts.

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