Dollhouse Diaries: Day 2

Hello, readers,

Welcome back to my dollhouse adventures. I made a lot of progress today, so let’s get started!

Day 2

I started this morning with a foundation back wall attached to the first floor of my house.


It didn’t look too terribly exciting, but the next step I took was to add the side walls and the lower portion of the front wall.


It started to look like a house right away!

I’m building this house based on a combination of the instructions that the manufacturer Greenleaf included and advice from the blog More Minis. (She also does really amazing assembly blogs for all her dollhouses, so if you like watching someone build a dollhouse but you want something more elaborate, go check out her blog. It’s very cool.) I’m hoping it all works out without too much struggle.

Once I added the first floor partition, the second floor, and the top half of the front wall, everything started really coming together.

I have all that tape on the house to try and keep all the joints straight and all the walls at right angels to the floor. There are a few spots next to the back foundation wall that didn’t line up perfectly, but I’m hoping that the foundation being a little weird isn’t going to make problems when I put on the roof.

I did make a mistake here in not taping the edge of the front porch to try and make it straight. It’s hard to tell in the photographs, but it slopes down as it goes away from the house.

Anyway, while I was waiting for all the wood glue to dry, I started playing around with some of the furniture I built.

The large bed I built is the size of the entire upstairs bedroom, so I have to use the little bed. My roommate helped me figure out some of the furniture layouts when she got home from work, so the only room that’s staying the same is the bathroom. It’s a shame that the tub is covering up a window, but I would rather that then have the toilet right in view of that low window. For the sake of symmetry, I’m not going to board up that window and install siding over it.

Once I thought that all the glue was dry from earlier, I started assembling the front porch foundation.


Like with the other foundation, I used hot glue to keep everything in place as the wood glue dries. I also used more hot glue to help attach it to the actual porch.


There’s my boyfriend grading quizzes in the background.

This is when I realized that the porch floor was too droopy. I couldn’t get everything to line up squarely, so there’s a kink in the joins between the porch foundation and the rest of the house. I’m not too worried about making the final house look cute around that issue, but I am worried that the porch roof and railings won’t connect up well. But, that’s an issue for another day.

Thanks for checking in on another day of the dollhouse build.

Stay detail-oriented,


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