Dollhouse Diaries: Day 3

Hello, readers,

I spent all of today working on the siding, and I’m still not done with that. To vent my frustrations at my glacial pace, there’s going to be a lot of progress photos below. Enjoy!

Day 3

Yesterday, I ended with a taped-covered shell of a house. Today, I decided that I really wanted my little house to have siding. According to this excellent Siding Guide over at More Minis, that meant I needed to get the work done now before I installed the roof and made things harder to reach. I also decided not to install the porch roof yet for those same reasons.

Before I began actually using any of this siding, I had to sand the edges. You might be able to tell in the “freed” photo that the edges are a little splintery, much more so than any other part of the laser cut kit. I’ve been able to avoid splinters this whole project, and I wanted to make sure that continued. Plus, I figured that the siding would look horrible once on my dollhouse if it had feathery/hairy edges.

During my sanding efforts, I had to deal with attacks from the great and powerful Catzilla.


Look at all the destruction.


I tested out whether I wanted my little house to have a wide lap width or a narrow one.


I was disappointed to find out that I liked the narrow siding effect much, much more than the wide siding because I knew the narrow siding was going to take a lot longer to apply. To be fair, I expected to like the narrow one more, so I wasn’t really surprised.

Conveniently, I found out that the distance between the pieces of siding was exactly the thickness of one of the two more substantial pieces of wood that kept the bundles together and compressed. (If I didn’t explain that well, I used the edge of the piece of wood my cat is attacking in the picture above.)


Once I marked out my template on the house, it was time to start cutting and gluing.

So much time elapsed between all those pictures.

The front wall siding was tricky because of the door and the windows, but also because there are a lot of components that still need to fit into slots in the front wall. I need to attach the porch roof and the railing, so I had a lot of “measuring twice” to do.

While I waited for the front siding to dry a little more (I used tacky glue instead of wood glue for the siding.), I got to work drawing the template for one of the sides of the house.


I shaved off that visible hot glue later, but I didn’t take a photo of that.

Thankfully, the sides of the house are short enough that I can just use one solid piece of siding to cover the whole span. I still had to measure each piece and cut it to side, but I was relieved to find that the sides would be simpler that the front. I probably would have given up for the day if there were any downstairs windows.

Anyway, I finished siding the two side walls of the house and did the last few straight lines I had left on the front wall.

If you can’t tell, I also glued on the very first row of the fish scale shingles onto the front gable and drew on the template. I had to call it quits at this point because my back/shoulders hurt from being bent down close to the little house all day. Even though I’m a little bummed out that siding this little house will take up more than one day in the construction process, I’m happy that I did decide to add the narrow siding. It already looks so cute!

Stay meticulous,


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