Dollhouse Diaries: Day 4

Hello, readers,

I made more dramatic progress today, so let’s get on to the post!

Day 4

I was really excited to begin working on this little house when I took all the tape from yesterday off.


It looked like all the siding had adhered properly, and I started working on the fish scale shingles right away. When I was laying them out on the gable, I figured that giving these shingles the same amount of spacing that the rest of the siding had would look nice. Five new rows in to the front gable, I decided that I really didn’t like how it looked

The siding was getting super thick, which was weird. I think I might have persevered with this deign if the shingles at least looked even, but they kept shifting around as I was working on them and ended up looking… not nice. These fish scale shingles were made from a different wood than the other siding, and I just could not get used to working with them.

I decided to start over, and I ripped most of the new siding off.

I was super frustrated that my plan hadn’t worked, but I tried to move past all that by continuing to work on the shingles. I spaced the rows out twice as far as before, and I taped down one single row at a time per gable and waited for those to dry. It did take a while to do, but it worked this time.


The little house was looking mighty cute now.

I debated leaving it like this for the night, but I went ahead and added the front section of the main roof and the second floor partition.

Do you remember that I had some fit problems in the bottom of the house between the front wall and the porch? I think that this is where that trouble really showed. I had to take my utility knife and shave off part of the second floor partition before I could get the gable roof on.


Once that was fixed, though, I was able to get the gable roof-sections on.


I also partially assembled the stairs while I waited for all this glue to dry.


These stairs are absolutely tiny! I need to paint the indoor walls before I can install these, and I need to install them before I can add the other side of the stairs. Until then, these are just going to hang out with the other unused pieces.

I then added the porch roof! I also had to do some whittling here to get the roof to both rest against the house and fit over the tabs for the roof supports, but it wasn’t dramatic enough to photograph.

Once I taped everything up, I decided that this was enough progress for one night.


I’m really excited about how this project is coming along. Hopefully you all are enjoying it, too!

Unfortunately, this is going to be my last entry until Monday or Tuesday. I’m going to have to take a little break from the doll house now, because I am visiting my parents for Christmas for a few days, and I don’t want to risk transporting this little house until it’s finished. The good news is that I’ll get started on painting as soon as I get back, and hopefully this doll house will come to life soon.

Stay festive,


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