Dollhouse Diaries: Day 5

Hello, readers,

I made it back from my parents’ house on Sunday night, but I was too tired to work on the little house. On Monday, I had to run errands for most of the day, but here’s what I managed to get done anyway.

Day 5

I started painting today. This is the unpainted interior that I started with:


I knew that the untreated wood was going to soak up tons of paint, so I primed all the interior walls and ceilings white.


I did all the painting at night, so it’s hard to actually see the difference between the painted walls and the unpainted floors in some places of this picture. The whole front gable was a nightmare to paint. I think that little craft foam brushes would probably have been easier to work with, but I just used the regular brushes that I had on hand. I had to stick the brush through windows and through the hole for the stairwell in order to try and get everything to be white. I couldn’t get an even coat when I could be super messy with the white, so I’m a bit nervous about what will happen when I use color.

I also painted the outside of the house.

There was a huge difference between the paint color on my palette and the color on the house, and the bottom blue-ish color is not what I intended. I decided to leave it drying overnight in case everything looked different in the morning light. (Probably not, but at least then the siding would be dry enough to repaint.)

I really like the top gable color, though, and I hope I have enough of that paint left that I won’t have to mix more halfway through applying it to the bottom siding.

Stay color-matching,


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