Dollhouse Diaries: Day 6

Hello, readers,

Today, I took my time and slowly went over the all the paint again. The photos might not be very dramatic, but everything’s going as planned.

Day 6

If you remember yesterday’s post, you’ll know that the bottom siding did not end up looking like I wanted. I went back and repainted it, using a lighter tint of the same color that I put on the gable walls.

The front roofs cast a lot of shadows on the front wall, so here’s a 3/4 angle shot to show off the changes better.

However, my camera has a really hard time photographing purple. (I should know. My bedroom walls are purple, and they never look right in the pictures I take.) Here is a modified photo that shows the bottom siding as close to the colors in person as I could get it, although the color manipulation I did made a shadow on the house look strange and yellow.


The important part is that the little house looks much cuter today than it did yesterday, and I’m happy about that.

The other thing I managed to do was to work on the furniture some more.

Besides painting the pieces, I also did a lot of light carving. I managed to remove a fair number of the more obtrusive tabs, like the ones on the back of the vanity chair and bed, and I tried to round off some edges as well. I shaved down as much as I could of the tabs on the tub, and this is probably as good as I can get everything without a Dremel. I also tried to add details with silver paint where I could, and I think that these little puzzles look a lot nicer now that they’re all painted. The bed needs a mattress and some bed clothes, and the couch could probably use some cushions. Otherwise, I think that I’m done with the bulk of the effort. I think that the fourth room of the house is going to have to be a kitchen, so I’ll add some pictures of the kitchen unit as I work on it.

Lastly, I painted over the ceilings in white again to make sure everything was covered well and then taped them up.


Tomorrow, I’m going to paint the interior walls their proper colors, add the doors and windows, and hopefully install the hardwood floors.

Stay focused,


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