Dollhouse Diaries: Day 8 and Day 9

Hello, readers,

I hope nobody minds that I skipped posting about the dollhouse yesterday. I decided that the special New Year’s Day post should have priority. I still kept working on this little project, so here’s double the normal content! Huzzah!

Day 8

I started off today by cutting out all the other windows from the plastic sheeting and gluing them in place.

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, because I cut exactly on the dotted line, but there is still plastic that pokes out beyond the window frame. (You may or may not be able to see that in the later pictures. I’m not sure.)

Also, I installed one window very crookedly and I didn’t notice until the glue dried.


It looks very silly like this from the outside.

I’m not sure how I could have installed the windows differently. If I glued them to the outside of the house before adding the siding, I would not have been able to cut the siding well at all around the windows. If I glued the windows to the outside of the house after shingling, I would worry about there being enough contact area with all the peaks and valleys of the siding. Plus, then the window pane would still poke outside of the frame if I cut it “correctly.” Hmm…

Anyway, I added the outdoor framing next.


In this picture, I still have to add the window sills for the rounded windows, but you can see the finished rectangular window frames and the frame around the door.

Like before, it’s painting everything that is taking a very long time. I don’t want to glue the pieces first and then paint them  because I have no leftover paint to match either siding color with which to fix mistakes. This is definitely something I need to keep in mind for next time. I might even use pre-mixed paints just to avoid the problem of running out.

After I added all the window sills, I added the shutters. They instantly made me feel like this house was coming together. I also added most of the interior window frames, leaving off the sills again.

To close out the construction for the evening, I quickly primed the porch floor in preparation for the hardwood installation and dry-fit the back roof onto the house. I forgot to get a picture of it, but I pre-painted the entire interior of the back roof white before  putting it on the house.

Since I will still be working with pieces I need to pre-paint, I don’t have an explicit goal for tomorrow. I just want to get as much done as I can.

Day 9

To take a break from all the pre-painting nonsense I’ve been doing, I started today off by finally committing to making the last room of the house a kitchen. The puzzle set of furniture only had one kitchen unit included, so that’s what I built.

The cabinets open and close! That’s far more exciting than a lot of the other furniture pieces. At this point, I was okay with not having a miniature refrigerator because the stovetop and sink unit was so cute. However, it ended up being too tall to fit in the room.

Since having a kitchen was clearly not meant to be, I went back to the puzzle kit and decided to build the piano to make the room a conservatory.

The piano also has moving parts! I made the piano bench from what I think was supposed to be the seat for a child’s desk. The little chair also looks like it was from the “nursery” section of furniture, but I think it looks much more to scale with the piano than the adult dining room chairs.

For the record, my cat Matilda was clearly hoping for the last room to be a kitchen. She was highly displeased with my decision to change things, and she sat on my instructions as revenge after knocking the puzzle pieces off the table.

I then played with the little furniture some more. Here are the finalized layouts of the rooms in case you’re curious about them.

As far as the dollhouse itself goes, I painted and glued on the interior window sills, and then I glued on the back roof. I also quickly primed the floors for the hardwood installation. I’m going to try and do a whitewashed effect on the boards, so I needed to make sure that any gaps would match.


I worked on the floor for the rest of the day. I had purchased these craft sticks with the idea that I would be able to cut them with scissors like I had done with the siding.


Well, it turns out that they were much thicker and more substantial than I had originally thought. In some ways, that’s very exciting because the sticks actually have wood grain and some character to them that I hope will still show through the paint treatment. On the other hand, I had to cut each and every piece to size with a mediocre knife. It took a very long time.

I made templates of the floors with computer paper and I decided I should figure out the precise layouts before I started to glue (or paint) anything.

I’m excited to paint and install the floor tomorrow. I’ve been waiting on this part long enough. However, it turns out that I didn’t order enough of these sticks to do everything I wanted with them. I had just enough wood (once I removed the dud sticks) to do the first and second floors. I had also wanted to use these sticks to cover the porch floor and be the baseboards and crown molding.

I’ll have to figure something out with that, or finishing the dollhouse might end up being delayed for a few days.

Stay planned ahead,


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2 thoughts on “Dollhouse Diaries: Day 8 and Day 9

  1. Greetings, I’ve been meaning to comment for a while but I very much enjoy reading your blog and think you have been progressing at light speed on your house! I had the same realization that it suddenly starts feeling like a house when you start getting the details installed 🙂

    While I know we don’t know each other well, I saw your patient woodcutting photo and felt the urge to send you a mitre box saw as congratulations for entering the hobby of miniatures.

    Best wishes to you!

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