Dollhouse Diaries: Day 10

Hello, readers,

I added a lot of white today with the floors and some trim. I still don’t have a backup plan for getting more craft sticks quickly…  Hopefully I think of something I can repurpose.

Day 10

Firstly, I got to work painting my wood floors. I have been struggling with this dollhouse between my desire to force it into being a gothic palace and its inherent cottage vibe. I wanted the hardwood to be stained something dark, but I realized that was not going to work as soon as the walls went up. The lower level of the house is just too dark (in the sense that it’s not well lit) to make it dark (in the spooky sense). While I could have made the second floor look different, I wanted to keep it all the same.

I decided to whitewash the floors to try and brighten things up.

There is still some variation in the floorboards that pokes through the single layer of paint, so I’m pleased with that. This light whitewashing does make the floors look a bit weathered, as though it were the floor of a beach cottage. Maybe this little house is the the slightly spooky house in a quiet beachfront community. Or maybe this little house is set off in a windy place, alone in the moorlands, constantly having the elements tracked in. (For the record, I would love to add a sound effect here of some howling wind.)

Once the floor was dry, it was pretty simple to install.

There were a couple of pieces that kept trying to warp up away from the subfloor, but I think I taped everything into submission. Once I took the tape off, everything looked to be fairly flat. I won’t really know until I add some baseboards.

At this point, I finally returned to the building instructions. I’ve been off doing my own thing with the house since I started adding siding, and it was weird to go back to a step-by-step process I hadn’t devised.

For one thing, the instructions wanted me to add the roof trim before the shingles. That still seems strange to me, but it certainly makes the house look a lot cuter.

I also decided to forge ahead and install the porch railings. I went over the porch floor again with some white paint since I’ve given up on installing hardwood on the outside of the house.

As much as I wanted the porch to have actual flooring, I’m okay with the siding being the major source of detail on the exterior. In other news, the porch railings were a nightmare to install. There was only one tab-and-slot joint in the whole construction. Everything had to hold together and hold position just with wet glue while I got everything taped. I know some things did not dry level, but maybe all the white-on-white details will make it hard to see that.

While I try and figure out replacement sticks, the next steps I can do with the house are to make the porch step and add the shingles.


Interior on hold

Stay well-trimmed,


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