Dollhouse Diaries: Day 11 and Day 12

Hello, readers,

This time, there was nothing that kept me from my daily posting other than my own desire to be dramatic and show off a lot of progress. Let’s take a look!

Day 11

Today, I started roofing. I went along and followed the shingling guide from the More Minis blog, since their other guides were so helpful.

I made the templates first.


It’s weird to see the house, which I’d taken from 2D shapes to a 3D shape when I built it, turned back into 2D.

I also went back over the house and painted the areas I thought would give me the most trouble.

Despite making the templates, I knew that things were not going to fit well in a lot of places. The priority was to get all the raw wood covered so the gaps would not be so noticeable.

While this paint dried, I went back to my templates and drew on the guidelines. I’m excited to say that I learned from my mistake with the fish scale siding. This time, I figured out how far apart I wanted the shingles and then glued together some scrap wood to serve as a ruler from that.


I went to work hot gluing all the shingles onto the templates. Well, onto the back roof and porch roof templates. Between a late start and an early night, this was all I was able to get done with the house today.

Day 12

To start day two of roofing, I finished attaching shingles to the other templates.

I was about to move on to the painting phase of this project when I noticed that I had made a mistake yesterday with the porch gable roof.


There’s no way water would slide off nicely with shingles like this!

Whoops! Thankfully, I only made the mistake of laying the shingles down wrong with the smallest sections of the roof, so it didn’t take long to fix.


The bottom roof looks much better.

Anyway, now I moved on to painting.

I’m really excited about how the speckling effect turned out. That was something I had planned since the beginning of this dollhouse build to try and give the roof texture. I also mixed in some white into the paint so that I didn’t end up with a purely black roof that would flatten out all the detail of the shingles.

I actually added purple speckles as well, but you have to be up close to see that.


While I was waiting for the roof pieces to dry completely, I went ahead and painted the house foundation. I also installed the front step and started painting the piano, bench, and chair.


From here, I just had to attach the roof pieces with tacky glue and clamp them down as they dried.

Everything’s coming together! I think the house looks really, really cute with the roof on.

Check back tomorrow for the grand reveal (of what I was able to get done during my winter break).

Stay fabulous,


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