My Lolita Room: Part 2

Hello, readers,

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that I haven’t been very active on this blog lately. I’ve gone through a lot of big life changes recently, including buying a house. I’m starting a very big, new adventure with renovating it. As of this writing, I have officially moved out of the little rental house I lived in for the past three years. As much as I wanted change, I was still a little sad to leave it.

In the middle of packing, I stopped to tidy my bedroom to show you the final iteration of my lolita room at my old apartment. If you didn’t see the work-in-progress blog post from a year and a half ago, just try to picture the old walls being a poorly painted buttercream color.

* * *

The major change in the room was the wall color. I ended up buying the paint online because it is too much of a hassle to get to a hardware store without a car, and I was swayed by it’s fun name. I bought a paint called Purple Potion, and it was a lot more purple than I had thought it would be. If you keep up with my blog, you’d have seen it in the background of lots of my pictures. I don’t know what it is about this color, but it refuses to photograph nicely.

Anyway, here is my little room tour. This is the view of the room when I’d walk in the door.

Behind the door is my poster of British sheep breeds.


Best thrift store art find yet!

This is a view of the full wall. The bookshelf on the left is filled completely with my books and things. My poor boyfriend had to squeeze his books on the the top two shelves of the right bookshelf because I took over the bottom three shelves of that unit as well.


Bookshelf Wall

Here’s a closer look at my dolls and our Squishables.


My Lunatic Queen Pullip is being saucy and scandalizing my other Pullips. The giant Elissabat Monster High doll is faceless at the moment. Sorry!

Underneath, I put my dollhouse. It’s still not finished completely on the inside, but it’s still adorable.


The box to the left is a kit to make a 1/12 scale grandfather clock.

I didn’t get a close-up shot of our Nightmare Before Christmas vinyl figures, but you can still see them in some of the following photos.

The door next to our bookshelves was the closet door.


My clothes took up 3/4 of the space…

On the wall next to the closet door, I put my collection of mini-prints from the etsy shop Magical Tea Time. These particular prints (they come in larger sizes) are not always in stock on etsy, but I would just send her a message if you’re interested in any.


I don’t know why the glare is so weird on some of these.

The sunlight was giving me some problems when I was trying to take pictures of this wall, so here’s a slightly split view of the window wall. When we actually lived in this room, the blinds were always down. The bedroom was way too close to a street with lots of foot traffic for me to be comfortable with the windows open.


I painted my boyfriend’s computer case pink for him.


My tiny computer station in the corner where I wrote most of the posts on this blog…

Next, we have the bed corner.


My lovely Princess Bed

I no longer have this bed. It was my roommate’s, and we gave it back to her since my parents gave me a new queen-sized mattress and bedframe. I will do my best to princess-ify the new bed to make it as pretty as the old one.

As a bonus, here’s the view of my room from bed.


The Andrew Lang Fairy Books were on the reverse side of the shelf for easy bedtime story access.


Here’s the view on the way out of the room. P1080657


Boyfriend’s comics

And that’s it! I’m still a little sad to see it go, but at least the people moving in said that they’re going to keep the room purple.

* * *

Now that my boyfriend and I have a whole house to spread out in, I plan on making it as cute as I can. I hope you like home improvement posts, because there will be a lot of those coming as we finish renovating the new house into a mildly lolified one.

Stay cozy,


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Photo Diary: A Day in the Life of a Lolita (Old Lolita Blog Carnival Post)

Hello, readers,

Welcome to my photo diary! I’ve wanted to do this sort of post for a while, but all I really do nowadays is stay in and do homework. Yesterday (November 21), though, I went to go see A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed at my university! Whoo!

08:20 – I tried to get up early, but the room was so cold and my bed was so warm…


Plus, there was a little kitty sleeping next to me that I didn’t want to disturb.

09:20 – I actually managed to get up. There was still a sleeping kitty next to me.


Precious sweetheart

I wanted to get a shower now so my hair could dry on time, but the roommates were busy in the bathroom getting ready for work. I’d been thwarted!


Mismatching sheets galore! Spoiler: I don’t ever make my bed today.

I decided to do some laundry while I waited for the shower. The pile on the left is dirty clothes that need to be washed, but the pile on the right is clean clothes that I didn’t get around to putting away last week. Whoops.

10:50 – I got out of the shower, two hours later than I had originally planned. At this point, I just was hoping my hair would dry on time.


I had a lovely (if not particularly pretty) breakfast of apple cider and some leftovers while I waited for the washing machine to finish its cycle.

11:20 – I switched over the laundry and started thinking of my coord for later.


I decided to be fairly casual, mainly because I really wanted to wear this skirt out. I redid the skirt over the summer, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to wear it out yet. Here’s how the skirt looked before:

Can you tell yet that I’m a fan of turtleneck sweaters? After this, I just poked around the internet for a while. I really didn’t want to squeeze in any homework.

12:00 – I started getting ready now. Clothes, makeup, and hair.


Obligatory bathroom shot

Most of my hair dried really frizzy from the start. Ah, well. There was nothing I could do.

13:00 – I left my house and started walking towards campus. The trip takes a little less than half an hour, and the play started at 14:00, but I met up with my boyfriend for his lunch break from work.


I swear, I’m quite happy! I’m not sure why I look so stern here, but this was the best shot of my outfit.

We were pretty cute together, and we just chatted for a bit as we took a walk together. He took this photo of me after we found a nice-looking spot.

13:45~14:00 – I was the first one of the group to arrive at the theatre, so I grabbed our tickets from the box office and waited for everyone to arrive.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Yay!

I really liked the performance. They did a couple of interesting character splices (having two actresses play Puck simultaneously, giving some of Oberon’s lines to his attendant), and all the actors did a good job. There were a lot of dance scenes in this production, and lots of live music on stage. The Mechanicals were wonderful, and Bottom/Pyramus over-theatrically died about six or seven times (including death by stabbing, death by poison, death by lobster pinches, and death by fork-in-toaster) before he finally collapsed.

16:30 – The play being done, our professor took us out to dinner across the street.


I had a pizza with fig jam, goat cheese, and arugula. (I forgot to take a picture, but it mostly looked like a boring salad on some pizza dough.)

17:30~18:00 – I had a normal, uneventful walk home.


When I got home, I went and finished folding and putting away all the laundry that I’d started earlier.


My boyfriend was a sweetheart and brought me up some warm apple cider. Oh, how I love fall!

18:40 – After I finished with laundry, I settled down on the couch for an evening of doing nothing.


My boyfriend and I watched some Youtube together. Pictured here is a moment from a Pokemon battle on shadypenguinn’s channel.


That saggy sock drives me nuts!

A doll outfit I ordered came in the mail, so I tried it on one of my Pullip dolls. (I’ll put up a blog post about my two dolls once I customize them. Until then, here’s a sneak peak of Ruby.)


I read Two Noble Kinsmen, as if I hadn’t had enough Shakespeare for one day already.

22:30 – We ordered Chinese take-out for dinner as a house. The four of us don’t really hang out as a “family” very much anymore.

P1070178 P1070180

I got some General Tso’s chicken and strawberry mochi ice cream. I obviously had to eat the mochi first since it was already a little melty from the delivery.


We also watched Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. This was my second time seeing it, and I still would recommend it to anyone who likes a spooky, “old-timey” aesthetic.

00:00 – And that was my day. I went to bed fairly shortly after the movie ended. I hope you enjoyed this little photo diary.


Stay dreaming,


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Lolita Blog Carnival: Favorite Lolita Hairstyles

Hello, readers,

This will be a quick little post in response to this week’s LBC prompt. This week, the bloggers of the Lolita Blog Carnival are talking about our favorite lolita hairstyles. I normally have a difficult time choosing my favorite anything, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. So, using examples from Gothic & Lolita Bible scans, I’m going to give my favorite hair style for the three styles I wear: gothic, classic, and oldschool.

* * *

Favorite Gothic Lolita Hairstyle

I love the look of pin-straight hair, particularly if it has hime cut bangs. Maybe my love for this hair is heavily influenced by western goth ideals, and maybe it’s all just hair envy because I have curly hair. Regardless, I think that long, straight hair just looks great with gothic lolita. I think that this hair style is more suited towards monochromatic gothic looks, though. Something about the elaborate, busy nature of things like the Alice and the Pirates print Merry Making in the Ghost Town needs bigger hair with curls or waves to balance it out.

Favorite Classic Lolita Hairstyle

For whatever reason, I really like hair to be up in classic lolita. Maybe it’s the more visible historical inspiration of classic lolita, or maybe it’s just the prominence of high collars, but I think that an updo can benefit a lot of good classic lolita coords. My favorite hairstyle for classic lolita is wearing your hair in two simple braids. I think looped braids are especially charming.

Favorite Oldschool Lolita Hairstyle

I love the ringlet look that used to be popular way back in the day. It’s definitely the most “perfectly polished and yet super creepy” doll-like hairstyle I’ve ever seen. I like this hairstyle worn down, but the ringlets do look cool in little pony tails, too.

* * *

I suppose it is only fitting to end a post about hair styles with a picture of my own hairstyle.

I normally use my natural hair in lolita, and I don’t really do much to it other than straighten my bangs. Looking at my favorite hairstyles, my hair is sort of a fusion between gothic and oldschool. Considering that that’s how I’d like my wardrobe to be, I’d say that’s pretty fitting.

Stay stylish,


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Lolita Blog Carnival: My Lolita Room

Hello, readers,

This week’s topic is one that’s been on my mind for a while. I’ve wanted a lolified bedroom (actually, a whole house/apartment) for a long time. However, I don’t have one, and I won’t have one for a long time yet. I rent the little house I live in, and I’ll only be here for another year and a half. That means I’m stuck with this really gross seafoam green/grey carpet, no matter what I do. Also, I share a room with my boyfriend, and we have a lot of mismatched furniture, two computers, three monitors, his comic book collection, and my works-in-progress craft/sewing projects all over the place. (Plus, he likes pink. How un-gothic lolita!)

Still, I’m slowly working on making my room a little more gothic lolita and a lot more me. (I feel very lucky that my boyfriend really likes my style and trusts me to not make our room a design disaster.)

* * *

What I Have Now

1. Bed


(My friend got me the canopy for Christmas last year. Isn’t it great?) In my struggle to lolify parts of my room, I think the bed is probably the biggest success. I love how pretty it is. It’s also warm and comfy, so snuggling under the blankets is always a treat.

Going forward, what I really want is to have a set of beautiful dark purple sheets, but I haven’t been able to find one so far.

2. Vanity Area

Unfortunately, I do not have a gorgeous Baroque vanity where I can sit in the mornings and get ready to greet the day. I very much want one of those some day, but what I have is perfectly fine.


I do apologize if the mirrors look silly. I found the jumbled reflections to be distracting.

Besides, there isn’t a point in having anything nicer right now. My makeup skills aren’t that strong, and I only do my hair when I’m wearing lolita. It is really nice to have a dedicated part of my room just for “beautifying,” though.

It’s hard to keep this area clean and clear (because it’s really tempting to just put random things on all that empty space), but I try and maintain it like this. I think that having at least one part of the room that’s organized will help me try and organize the rest of my room.

3. Some Other Decor

I have a hard time identifying the line between “decor” and “pointless clutter.” Growing up, my parents’ house generally looked like a house from a magazine, with a few, carefully selected items of decor in each room. Right now, I’m trying to focus on the bigger things instead of small knickknacks.


I love the ukiyo-e style of woodblock printing.


My feeble attempts to dress our weird windows…


What I Will Have

1. A Clean Room, Free of Clutter and “Projects”

So, I think the easiest way to make a room look nicer is to keep it clean. Right now, my room is a mess and I can’t ever seem to get it clean. One of the problems is that my boyfriend and I have too much stuff that we don’t want or don’t use taking up our limited storage. (Another problem is that I am hopelessly lazy when it comes to tidying.)

The first steps to getting this messy, disjointed room in order will be to donate all our extra nonsense that’s useable, organize our sentimental-but-unused nonsense into boxes in the basement, and to move all of my projects and supplies out of this room and into its own space. After these major space-hoggers are taken care of, de-cluttering and tidying should be a lot more manageable.

2. Pretty Walls

I may be stuck with this horrid seafoam carpet, but I don’t have to keep staring at our ugly, butter-cream walls. Besides being a color I don’t like at all, the walls are really poorly painted. You can see a darker color underneath in places, and the paint brush streaks are really obvious all along the baseboards. Whoever painted this room didn’t have either painters tape or patience, so the paint edges are really sloppy. All of this (combined with the horrible, stained carpet) make the room feel really dirty, even if everything is clean. We also have poor light in here, which makes everything seem even worse.

Over spring break this year, I’m going to paint the walls and the baseboards. The walls will be a medium grey color with some purple undertones, and the trim will be a bright white.

For the wall color, I’m thinking something like this, (even though this is a lot more purple than I had in mind):

I like this a lot. In fact, I might just buy this exact paint…

Altogether, the walls will look something like this:

3. More Black

Either this summer or during spring break (if I haven’t had enough of painting by then), I’m going to buy a can of black lacquer spray paint and work on unifying some of my accessories and room decor. All the posters that are up now will have to come down when I repaint the room. Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince my boyfriend to not put up as many, and to have the ones we do put up be framed. (Obviously, the frames would also be painted black.)

The obvious things I want to spray paint are my wig stand, the “ung drill” IKEA frame I bought to match my mirror, and the silly “extension” part of my curtain rod. Once the room is clean and pretty, I’m going to have to resist the urge to buy knickknacks and decor pieces (black or no) because we really don’t have very many empty surfaces in our room. (The rest of the house is cluttered enough.)

Plus, the more stuff I buy now, the more stuff I’ll have to pack up and bring with me when I move.

What I Want (but Can’t Have)

1. A New Floor

I dislike carpet, no matter what the color is. I think it’s impossible to really clean, and carpeting just feels dirty to me. I would like to have a dark wood floor someday.

2. An Epic, Ornate Furniture Set

Last week, a girl made a post on egl about this fabulous, hand-carved Baroque furniture set she saw for sale on Craigslist. This set was far too light and creamy for me personal taste, but can you imagine a decadent wood furniture set stained black, with plush, velvety jewel-toned cushions? Black on black is also a favorite combination of mine.

Just look at how beautiful all this stuff is:

I can totally picture myself relaxing on those chair or couches after a wonderfully exhausting day of wearing lolita and having adventures. Alas, I won’t be able to have any of this sort of thing for a very, very long time. Still, I can dream.

Alternatively, a lot of the stuff from Romantic Princess looks pretty cool.

3. An Amazing Lolita Storage System

Since this is the dreamy part of my post about my ideal lolita bedroom, it would be very silly of me to not mention any actual lolita clothes. I want a huge wall-storage system where I can fit my dream wardrobe: a beautiful collection of black, blackxwhite, and jewel tones of which each and every piece fits me perfectly.

(I can’t find a picture of my ultimate lolita storage system without stealing a picture of some lolita’s actual wardrobe and closet, which would be super weird and rude. There are a lot of lolitas who post their storage systems when they do their wardrobe posts, so look through a couple of the wardrobe posts from this year and years past if you want some storage inspiration.)

* * *

Readers, do you have a lolita room? What’s in it and what does it all look like? Is it generally a “princessy” or “doll-like” aesthetic, or do you use your lolita purses, hair accessories, brand post cards, etc., as decor? If you don’t have a lolita room, do you want one? Is lolita just a fashion to you, and, if so, are you confused as to why someone might want to decorate in a lolita style? I’d love to know your thoughts. Please leave them in the comments below!

Stay organized,


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Lolita Blog Carnival: Personal Lolita Goals for 2015

Hello, readers,

For my first post as an official member of the Lolita Blog Carnival, I’m going to look forward to 2015. I’m going to share a New Year’s resolution post later, but that will be more about lifestyle goals. Now, I’m going to just share a few lolita-specific goals for this upcoming year.

* * *

1. Fit into this skirt Currently with my corset, I am an inch and a half away from finally fitting into one of my dream items. I bought this skirt a while ago because I found a good deal, even though I was nowhere near fitting it at the time. I will definitely be able to fit into this skirt within the next year, but my actual goal is to be able to cinch down to somewhere under 28 inches by February for a meet. Also, the moment that I’ll be able to fit into this skirt is the moment that I’ll be able to fit into brand in general instead of only fitting into fully-shirred brand. True, it will only be brand skirts that I can wear, but that still breaks down a huge barrier to improving my lolita wardrobe and style. I still may not buy very much brand, but I’m looking forward to even having the option.

2. Sew and craft more

My first goal is very brand-oriented, but don’t let that fool you. I really want to focus much more on starting and completing skirts, JSKs, and OPs. I have a sewing machine, a serger, a lot of fabric picked out for specific projects, and a decent amount of sewing ability. What I really need to do is prioritize differently so that I spend my free time working on making some more lolita pieces and accessories instead of watching TV. This also connects back to this blog. I really want to put up a whole bunch of tutorials. I have more skills now than when I first started getting into lolita, and other lolita tutorials were invaluable to me. I want to make this blog into a space where I can help other lolitas can learn. That won’t happen until I get off my butt and start actually working on the many projects I have planned.

3. Maintain this blog well

Besides tutorials, I really want to work hard to keep this blog active. At the minimum, I want to post one substantial post every month. I have a couple of things already scheduled for the upcoming months, so I really just need to maintain a good blogging schedule. I would very much like to get to a point in my time-management skills where I can post something worth reading once a week. Joining the Lolita Blog Carnival will definitely help me with this blog since I’ll at least have a weekly prompt available to me if I can’t think of any ideas on my own. I also plan on going through the LBC archives and writing about older topics.

* * *

I see all of my goals as just different ways to wear lolita more often. With more pieces (both brand and handmade) and a more active role in the online lolita community, I hope that I will be able to actually wear the fashion I love so dearly on a more regular basis.

I wish you the best of luck with all the goals you set. Wish me luck with mine.

Stay optimistic,


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