My Lolita Room: Part 2

Hello, readers,

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that I haven’t been very active on this blog lately. I’ve gone through a lot of big life changes recently, including buying a house. I’m starting a very big, new adventure with renovating it. As of this writing, I have officially moved out of the little rental house I lived in for the past three years. As much as I wanted change, I was still a little sad to leave it.

In the middle of packing, I stopped to tidy my bedroom to show you the final iteration of my lolita room at my old apartment. If you didn’t see the work-in-progress blog post from a year and a half ago, just try to picture the old walls being a poorly painted buttercream color.

* * *

The major change in the room was the wall color. I ended up buying the paint online because it is too much of a hassle to get to a hardware store without a car, and I was swayed by it’s fun name. I bought a paint called Purple Potion, and it was a lot more purple than I had thought it would be. If you keep up with my blog, you’d have seen it in the background of lots of my pictures. I don’t know what it is about this color, but it refuses to photograph nicely.

Anyway, here is my little room tour. This is the view of the room when I’d walk in the door.

Behind the door is my poster of British sheep breeds.


Best thrift store art find yet!

This is a view of the full wall. The bookshelf on the left is filled completely with my books and things. My poor boyfriend had to squeeze his books on the the top two shelves of the right bookshelf because I took over the bottom three shelves of that unit as well.


Bookshelf Wall

Here’s a closer look at my dolls and our Squishables.


My Lunatic Queen Pullip is being saucy and scandalizing my other Pullips. The giant Elissabat Monster High doll is faceless at the moment. Sorry!

Underneath, I put my dollhouse. It’s still not finished completely on the inside, but it’s still adorable.


The box to the left is a kit to make a 1/12 scale grandfather clock.

I didn’t get a close-up shot of our Nightmare Before Christmas vinyl figures, but you can still see them in some of the following photos.

The door next to our bookshelves was the closet door.


My clothes took up 3/4 of the space…

On the wall next to the closet door, I put my collection of mini-prints from the etsy shop Magical Tea Time. These particular prints (they come in larger sizes) are not always in stock on etsy, but I would just send her a message if you’re interested in any.


I don’t know why the glare is so weird on some of these.

The sunlight was giving me some problems when I was trying to take pictures of this wall, so here’s a slightly split view of the window wall. When we actually lived in this room, the blinds were always down. The bedroom was way too close to a street with lots of foot traffic for me to be comfortable with the windows open.


I painted my boyfriend’s computer case pink for him.


My tiny computer station in the corner where I wrote most of the posts on this blog…

Next, we have the bed corner.


My lovely Princess Bed

I no longer have this bed. It was my roommate’s, and we gave it back to her since my parents gave me a new queen-sized mattress and bedframe. I will do my best to princess-ify the new bed to make it as pretty as the old one.

As a bonus, here’s the view of my room from bed.


The Andrew Lang Fairy Books were on the reverse side of the shelf for easy bedtime story access.


Here’s the view on the way out of the room. P1080657


Boyfriend’s comics

And that’s it! I’m still a little sad to see it go, but at least the people moving in said that they’re going to keep the room purple.

* * *

Now that my boyfriend and I have a whole house to spread out in, I plan on making it as cute as I can. I hope you like home improvement posts, because there will be a lot of those coming as we finish renovating the new house into a mildly lolified one.

Stay cozy,


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My Lolita Music Playlist

Hello, readers,

Normally nowadays, I listen to The Birthday Massacre, BABYMETAL, Siouxsie and the Banshees, or a Spotify playlist my boyfriend puts on while we’re cooking (Red Fang and Matt and Kim are favorites). In general, I also enjoy listening to the same music I liked back in high school, Black Parade-era My Chemical Romance, Bullet for My Valentine, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, and A Perfect Circle being the bands I remember most often.

But what do I listen to when I want to increase my “lifestyler points”? A lot of the time, I just search for a classical composer in Youtube. If I want anything more specific than that, there’s a good chance I’ll listen to a song (or a song from the same artist) below. Here’s a quick sampling of my lolita playlist.

“Rosaria” – Die Milch

With a band/duo that styles themselves as “Gothic & Lolita Dolls,” what more could you ask for? I’ve found that I really like Die Milch’s music, especially the songs that incorporate both English and German with Japanese, but their aesthetic and performance style in their music videos is just fantastic.

Nocturne No. 13 in D minor – John Field (performed by John O’Conor)

Really, I love all his nocturnes. They’re just lovely. I like to picture what sort of night inspired the composition when I hear it. And really, is there anything more fitting for gothic lolita than Romantic-era night music for piano?

“Sylvan Spirits” – Nox Arcana

I just discovered Nox Arcana very recently, and I’m really excited about them. I am a huge sucker for concept albums (of which they’ve made oh so many) and beautiful, ambient soundscapes. This is a song off of their fairy-tale Grimm Tales album, but they also have many other themed albums, including a pirate one Phantoms of the High Seas. It seems weird to take this song out of its context, but I didn’t think it was reasonable to include an entire album on a playlist post.

“Time for Tea” – Emilie Autumn

Speaking of concept albums, I also like the whole of Emilie Autumn’s Fight Like a Girl album, with the glaring exception of the official music video for “Fight Like a Girl.” I also simply adore typography music videos, and this video in particular is the one that introduced me to this album. This same person also made videos for “Girls! Girls! Girls!,” “Scavenger,” “Heard It All,” and “We Want Them Young” from Emilie Autumn.

“Wig in a Box” – Hedwig and the Angry Inch movie (2001)

While the other songs on this playlist have been a bit more “serious” in that they give off gothic lolita vibes, this is just a silly song that always gets me into a lolita head-space.

Since I watched this movie for the first time, this song is guaranteed to get stuck in my head whenever I’m putting on a wig. Watching this clip out-of-context doesn’t really convey what a change of pace this is from the rest of the movie, so just take my word for it that it’s a great moment. Better yet, watch the movie! It’s great.

* * *

As a bonus, here are my two favorite songs that actually say “lolita” in the lyrics.

Please note, these songs are either referencing Vladimir Nabokov’s character Dolores or the Western misconception of her as a sexual temptress-child. If it really bothers you to think of other meanings of “lolita” alongside the delightful J-fashion lolita, then you might be happier ignoring these next two songs.

“Lolita” – Lana Del Rey

This is a song that only appeared on the deluxe version of the album Born to Die, which is a shame because I think it’s one of the best songs from that album. I’ve seen people refer to Lana Del Rey’s music as “Hollywood sadcore,” and this particular album really gives me Americana vibes. I don’t really like a lot of her songs, but I do really love this one.

“Eros and Apollo” – Studio Killers

Watch if you want to see 8-bit sweet lolitas!

Studio Killers is a virtual band my boyfriend introduced me to. Boy, their music is catchy. I really love “All Men Are Pigs” and “Jenny,” which has such a lovely music video, by them as well. This video is amazing, and it has both sweet lolitas (albeit in simple coords) and neon images of Dolores from the Lolita movies.

* * *

Readers, what are your favorite lolita-esque songs? Do you have any lolita playlists? Share them in the comments.

Stay musical,


I know a lot of people have done a similar post, since it’s one of the prompts for 30 Days of Lolita Challenge. Since that challenge isn’t as interlinked or organized as the Lolita Blog Carnival, I decided not to link to any because I knew I wouldn’t be able to link to all of them. Still, there are other posts out there you can search for if you want to find others’ playlists.

A Special Nursery Rhyme

Hello, readers,

I love English nursery rhymes, particularly because I didn’t really grow up with them. (My parents read Aesop’s Fables to me as a child.) I heard of some nursery rhymes from my friends in elementary school, and I’ve noticed their presence in the world around me more as I’ve grown older. My love for nursery rhymes and fairy tales sometimes leads me to spend hours reading them, mostly online.

By chance, I recently found a nursery rhyme that really resonated with me.

Curly Locks (Nursery Songs and Rhymes of England (1895) – Winifred Smith)

Curly locks, curly locks,

Will you be mine?

You shall not wash dishes,

Nor feed the swine,

But sit on a cushion,

And sew a fine seam,

And feed upon strawberries,


And cream.

How many of you had heard this one before?

It’s just silly how closely this rhyme matches up with my life. Curly hair, an extreme aversion to doing dishes, a love of sewing, a fondness for fruit, sweets, and dairy products… If you replace “feeding swine” with “manual outdoor labor” and expand “sit on a cushion” to include general soft furnishings, then this rhyme is a perfect match. (My boyfriend suggested changing swine to feline, but I don’t think it’s as funny with the change because I have no qualms about feeding our cat.)

I would love to be able to incorporate this rhyme into my life in a more meaningful way than just knowing that it exists. The obvious solution, to me, is to use it as the inspiration for a coord. That’s easier said than done. If I liked to wear sweet or country, then I could easily use something like this Meta JSK as the base for an outfit.

As it stands, any Curly Locks-inspired coord that I would feel comfortable wearing would probably use more subtle elements like this:

Maybe some socks with a strawberry print/pattern would also work with the theme without making me feel like I was wearing something inauthentic to myself. Ideally, I would have some sort of handmade element in the coord, too, for the “sew a fine seam” part…

People in my life have always joked that I was the princess from The Princess and the Pea, but I think Curly Locks fits much better. Have you ever found a rhyme or fairy tale that you felt reflected your life in a special way? If so, please share it in the comments.

Stay fine,


If you like nursery rhymes and you want to look through more illustrations of this style, check out the source book on

My DIY Beauty Routines

Hello, readers,

Today, I thought I would share a little about my beauty routines. As I hope you’ve been able to figure out from this blog, I love DIY and homemade products. For the past two years or so, I’ve been trying to build a beauty routine and incorporate natural products into it as I go.

In my last year of college, my skin started to get really dry. I tried to use just regular store-bought moisturizers and lotion, but they either didn’t work very well or I’d get areas of rashes/irritated skin that would get worse with continued use. Gah! I started looking around the internet for homemade solutions to my problems, and I found a lot of viable DIYs. Here, I’m going to share what I make, what I used to make it, and how well it works.

I made all of these products by following or modifying recipes found on Live Simply. There are a ton of blogs out there that promote natural products and natural lifestyles, but I like Live Simply’s writing style and genuineness. (I’ve never gotten the vibe that she makes recipes just to post affiliate links.) I’ll include the link to the original recipes below in case any of you want to make one of these products, too.


Original Recipe (Go here for the melting instructions and pictures. I didn’t pour my batch into a container soon enough so it looks really ugly.)

  • ~4 oz. shea butter with tangerine
  • 2 Tablespoons apricot oil


I really love this moisturizer. I use it on places that need a bit more love, like my feet, hands, and elbows. In the winter, I occasionally rub my arms and legs down with it, too. This stuff will make you very shiny for a while after you apply it, and it takes a while to fully soak in. I don’t really keep track of how long it takes (maybe half an hour?), but it isn’t very long. It certainly seems like it takes forever, though, if you’re used to regular store-bought lotions that quickly evaporate off the surface of your skin. The slower time frame takes a bit to get used to.

I like the idea of a face moisturizer with SPF, but I started having a weird reaction to the Neutrogena one I was using. I found that this DIY lotion is actually very effective on my face (which is prone to getting super-duper dry patches) without irritating my apparently sensitive skin. However, I only will put this on my face at night or once I’m home for the day because of the aforementioned “super shiny and oily-looking for half an hour” effect.

I also use regular coconut oil as a moisturizer. I don’t normally use it on my face, but I will use it on my feet, hands, and elbows every so often to change things up, and it is my default moisturizer for my legs and arms. Coconut oil also takes a long time to fully sink in, though.


Makeup Brush Cleaner

Original Recipe

  • 3/4 cup witch hazel
  • 3 teaspoons castile soap
  • 1.5 teaspoon apricot oil


To avoid dealing with using water in the mixture (and then trying to remember this product’s shelf life), I just pour out a little bit of the cleaner into a container and then add twice as much water. I mix it around and shake it up before soaking my brushes.

I mainly made this because I bought new makeup a while ago, and I needed to clean out my brushes before using any of it. Want to know how well this stuff works? Let’s go on my first brush cleaning adventure together!

The results of this experiment were really gross, so now I clean out my brushes once a week to avoid all that gunk building up.


Makeup Remover

Original Recipe

  • 3 Tablespoons witch hazel
  • 2 Tablespoons apricot oil


This combination does work well to get all my makeup off. However, witch hazel can apparently cause eye irritation. I specifically bought white eyeliner to use on my waterline, and I got this kind that is both waterproof and smudge-proof.

I doubted its claims when I bought it, but this stuff is seriously intense and I couldn’t get the tester line on my hand to smudge or fade until I used soap. That’s very cool, but I didn’t want to use soap or the homemade makeup remover so close to my eyeballs. Until I find something more viable, I’m still using store-bought eye makeup remover to get rid of eyeliner.


I don’t use mascara, so I can’t say if either this makeup remover works to remove that.

* * *

Readers, do you make any of your beauty products? Have you purchased something that’s turned out amazing? Let me know in the comments!

Stay moisturized,


My Pullip Dolls

Hello, readers,

Today, I’d like to share my two Pullip dolls with you. If you don’t know what Pullip dolls are, they’re highly pose-able Asian fashion dolls with roughly a 1/6 scale body and a 1/3 scale head. They are not ball-jointed, though I sometimes see people calling them BJDs. Lolita brands sometimes do collaborations with Pullip or the other dolls in her family, which is how I encountered these dolls in the first place.


In addition to the official brand collaborations, a bunch of the other dolls released are dressed in lolita from the get-go. Besides lolita dolls, there are also a lot of Pullip dolls that are based on characters from anime like Sailor Moon, Rozen Maiden, and Black Butler. Plus, there are a great many Alice in Wonderland dolls.

I’ve always thought Pullips were really cute. They have a cool eye mechanism that lets them look left and right, and they can close their eyelids. These dolls are normally between $100 and $150 new, but there are some new ones for cheaper. Like with lolita, the secondhand market is sometimes cheaper and sometimes wildly more expensive than retail.

I really wanted a gothic lolita doll, but I couldn’t settle on just one. Here are the dolls I got, both before and after I customized them.

Freshly Removed from Their Boxes

Pullip Seila

I bought her from Pullip Style in the U.S.

This doll came with a ton of extra accessories, which was super cool. I like her dressed more simply (and without the extra hair attachment), but it’s really nice to have options.

I think she’s lovely as is. I don’t think I would have customized her if I hadn’t gotten my other doll who needed some extra attention. Out of all the gothic-themed Pullip dolls ever made, Seila is my favorite.

Pullip Regeneration Fanatica

The doll I got is a rerelease of a much older doll just called Fanatica. There were a bunch of these Regeneration dolls, and their faces are mostly identical to the originals. I got this doll because I’m a little narcissistic and wanted a doll that looked like me.

I don’t have a picture of her set up nicely in her original outfit because I hate it. (The plaid/punk items are super cute, and I’d like to use them in other outfits, but I really don’t like her default blouse, skirt, and socks.) After I unboxed her, I took off all her original clothes and dressed her in Seila’s extra overskirt and capelet until the new outfit I bought for her arrived in the mail.

I decided to customize these two dolls because I was really disappointed when I got Regeneration Fanatica. Her eyelids are blank (because she’s a remake of a doll from before the company decorated eyelids), my individual doll’s eyelashes seemed very brittle and thin, and her eyes looked so dull next to Seila. Physically, the two dolls just have different colors of the same eyechips, but light actually reflects off of Seila’s lighter eyes so you can see the detailed ridges. Regeneration Fanatica’s eyes are so dark that they looked flat.

Rather than continue to be bummed out, I decided to open up their heads and change these details so they would match one another better.



P1070190 P1070196
P1070194 P1070200
P1070195 P1070201

I do not have any pictures of how I customized these dolls. I did it after watching many Youtube videos (like this one) and reading tutorials (like this one) made by people with much more experience with doll customization. These two pictures are the only ones I took during the process, just because I was so excited about the new eyelashes.


Seila’s reveal isn’t very dramatic, but her new eyes are very pretty and her lashes are lovely and full. Now that’s she’s really mine, I’ve named her Georgette.

Regeneration Fanatica looks so much better now. I painted on some eyeliner, gave her new eyes and eyelashes, and I also painted her nails. Georgette’s nails were already painted black, and she couldn’t be the only fancy doll. This doll’s name is Ruby, and I’m so much happier with her now.

Here they are in their normal attire. They’re best friends, and I always have them holding hands as their default pose.


Stock clothes from Seila and Stica

In this photo, they’re bundled up for the winter weather. Ruby lent her muff to her friend, and then they traded capelets.


Stock clothes from Seila, Stica, and Regeneration Fanatica

Now they’re just playing dress-up. As the dynamic duo, I sometimes call them “Ruru and Georgie.”


Stock clothes from My Melody, Stica, and Seila

Pullip dolls make such lovely models. I just have mine in fairly static poses, and they’re both on their stands. If you want to see some absolutely breath-taking examples of doll photography, check out Pure Embers on Flickr. Her Top 50 album is a good place to start, but my favorite album is devoted to her doll Mina (a Pullip).

Stay fashionable,