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Alternative Lolita Dolls

Hello readers,

I’m starting this post by assuming that you know some of the “official” lolita dolls out there, brand collaborations with Volks and Pullip. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, F Yeah Lolita has a ball-jointed doll 101 post that’s pretty helpful, and I made a post about my two Pullips.

These dolls are fine and good for some people, but they might not float everyone’s boat. If you want a lolita doll, but you aren’t looking at an official collaboration doll, maybe you’ll find some of these alternate suggestions helpful. (I’m also assuming that you want a slightly more offbeat doll.)

Bunny-Headed Doll

I love this Victorian Maiden photoshoot.

It’s so beautiful and otherworldly

You could easily get a bunny plush that would be easy to dress up, since a lot of them have fairly humanoid bodies anyway, but I’m specifically thinking about dolls that are explicitly human from the neck down. I don’t know what it is, but I really love this look/combination. Having an animal head also does a lot to keep these sorts of dolls out of the uncanny valley.

Sasha Pipin (another pose-able doll from the same company that makes Pullip)

Sasha Nuna

This is a clip from the horror movie The Awakening that shows another bunny-headed doll. (I couldn’t find a good picture of it.) There is nothing scary in this clip, I promise! Spooky, yes. Creepy, maybe. Jump-scares, no.

The two types of examples I have above have either a porcelain or resin/hard plastic body, but the doll body could really be whatever you’s like.

There’s also the option of using a different animal head, like a teddy bear, deer, fox, or cat. (Some of the Sasha dolls I have pictured above from Groove came with cat heads instead of rabbit ones.)

Nesting Dolls

Sakura Fairy from Lily of the Valley on Lookbook (Please go check out her pages!)

You could get a set of fairy tale-themed dolls that should qualify as lolita-esque based on their elaborateness alone.

Alternatively, you can get a blank set and customize them all.

Image from this Amazon listing.

I think a lovely set could be made with a theme of your favorite/dream dresses if they’re all prints. Or, they could all be “wearing” different colorways of your dream dress.

These blank sets do come in different shapes, some of which have a really pronounced, round lower body, which might work well if you plan on making them all lolitas.

Paper Dolls

Does anyone else remember playing with paper dolls as a child? I loved that I could dress up the dolls just by folding over little tabs (even though there are no tabs in this picture…).

Making a lolita paper doll would be an excellent way to do something artistic with your favorite coords. It’s pretty easy to make yourself into a paper doll, too, if you like the idea of having a mini-you. Certainly it’s much easier than trying to make nesting dolls look like specific people.

There might even be a lolita paper doll already in this book below.

It’s probably not what lolitas have in mind, though. From the publisher: “The Japanese fashion trend known as harajuku draws its inspiration from Victorian gothic, glam, and manga styles, focusing on bright colors and cartoon-like accessories. This collection features four paper dolls and a vibrant wardrobe of flouncy mini-skirts,¬†platform shoes,¬†and hats, as well as loads of playful ornaments, including hair bows and costume jewelry.”

The dolls on the cover of this book look more like they’re wearing Avril Lavigne “Hello Kitty” costumes than J-fashion, but they are still are pretty cute. If you’re curious about the inside of this book, Paperdoll Review has some more pictures.

* * *

Well, what did you think, readers? Do any of these alternative dolls interest you? Can you think of any other doll types that could be turned into lolita dolls? Leave you suggestions in the comments below! Hopefully you liked this post even if you’re not normally a fan of dolls.

Stay doll-like,



My Pullip Dolls

Hello, readers,

Today, I’d like to share my two Pullip dolls with you. If you don’t know what Pullip dolls are, they’re highly pose-able Asian fashion dolls with roughly a 1/6 scale body and a 1/3 scale head. They are not ball-jointed, though I sometimes see people calling them BJDs. Lolita brands sometimes do collaborations with Pullip or the other dolls in her family, which is how I encountered these dolls in the first place.


In addition to the official brand collaborations, a bunch of the other dolls released are dressed in lolita from the get-go. Besides lolita dolls, there are also a lot of Pullip dolls that are based on characters from anime like Sailor Moon, Rozen Maiden, and Black Butler. Plus, there are a great many Alice in Wonderland dolls.

I’ve always thought Pullips were really cute. They have a cool eye mechanism that lets them look left and right, and they can close their eyelids. These dolls are normally between $100 and $150 new, but there are some new ones for cheaper. Like with lolita, the secondhand market is sometimes cheaper and sometimes wildly more expensive than retail.

I really wanted a gothic lolita doll, but I couldn’t settle on just one. Here are the dolls I got, both before and after I customized them.

Freshly Removed from Their Boxes

Pullip Seila

I bought her from Pullip Style in the U.S.

This doll came with a ton of extra accessories, which was super cool. I like her dressed more simply (and without the extra hair attachment), but it’s really nice to have options.

I think she’s lovely as is. I don’t think I would have customized her if I hadn’t gotten my other doll who needed some extra attention. Out of all the gothic-themed Pullip dolls ever made, Seila is my favorite.

Pullip Regeneration Fanatica

The doll I got is a rerelease of a much older doll just called Fanatica. There were a bunch of these Regeneration dolls, and their faces are mostly identical to the originals. I got this doll because I’m a little narcissistic and wanted a doll that looked like me.

I don’t have a picture of her set up nicely in her original outfit because I hate it. (The plaid/punk items are super cute, and I’d like to use them in other outfits, but I really don’t like her default blouse, skirt, and socks.) After I unboxed her, I took off all her original clothes and dressed her in Seila’s extra overskirt and capelet until the new outfit I bought for her arrived in the mail.

I decided to customize these two dolls because I was really disappointed when I got Regeneration Fanatica. Her eyelids are blank (because she’s a remake of a doll from before the company decorated eyelids), my individual doll’s eyelashes seemed very brittle and thin, and her eyes looked so dull next to Seila. Physically, the two dolls just have different colors of the same eyechips, but light actually reflects off of Seila’s lighter eyes so you can see the detailed ridges. Regeneration Fanatica’s eyes are so dark that they looked flat.

Rather than continue to be bummed out, I decided to open up their heads and change these details so they would match one another better.



P1070190 P1070196
P1070194 P1070200
P1070195 P1070201

I do not have any pictures of how I customized these dolls. I did it after watching many Youtube videos (like this one) and reading tutorials (like this one) made by people with much more experience with doll customization. These two pictures are the only ones I took during the process, just because I was so excited about the new eyelashes.


Seila’s reveal isn’t very dramatic, but her new eyes are very pretty and her lashes are lovely and full. Now that’s she’s really mine, I’ve named her Georgette.

Regeneration Fanatica looks so much better now. I painted on some eyeliner, gave her new eyes and eyelashes, and I also painted her nails. Georgette’s nails were already painted black, and she couldn’t be the only fancy doll. This doll’s name is Ruby, and I’m so much happier with her now.

Here they are in their normal attire. They’re best friends, and I always have them holding hands as their default pose.


Stock clothes from Seila and Stica

In this photo, they’re bundled up for the winter weather. Ruby lent her muff to her friend, and then they traded capelets.


Stock clothes from Seila, Stica, and Regeneration Fanatica

Now they’re just playing dress-up. As the dynamic duo, I sometimes call them “Ruru and Georgie.”


Stock clothes from My Melody, Stica, and Seila

Pullip dolls make such lovely models. I just have mine in fairly static poses, and they’re both on their stands. If you want to see some absolutely breath-taking examples of doll photography, check out Pure Embers on Flickr. Her Top 50 album is a good place to start, but my favorite album is devoted to her doll Mina (a Pullip).

Stay fashionable,