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My Lolita Music Playlist

Hello, readers,

Normally nowadays, I listen to The Birthday Massacre, BABYMETAL, Siouxsie and the Banshees, or a Spotify playlist my boyfriend puts on while we’re cooking (Red Fang and Matt and Kim are favorites). In general, I also enjoy listening to the same music I liked back in high school, Black Parade-era My Chemical Romance, Bullet for My Valentine, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, and A Perfect Circle being the bands I remember most often.

But what do I listen to when I want to increase my “lifestyler points”? A lot of the time, I just search for a classical composer in Youtube. If I want anything more specific than that, there’s a good chance I’ll listen to a song (or a song from the same artist) below. Here’s a quick sampling of my lolita playlist.

“Rosaria” – Die Milch

With a band/duo that styles themselves as “Gothic & Lolita Dolls,” what more could you ask for? I’ve found that I really like Die Milch’s music, especially the songs that incorporate both English and German with Japanese, but their aesthetic and performance style in their music videos is just fantastic.

Nocturne No. 13 in D minor – John Field (performed by John O’Conor)

Really, I love all his nocturnes. They’re just lovely. I like to picture what sort of night inspired the composition when I hear it. And really, is there anything more fitting for gothic lolita than Romantic-era night music for piano?

“Sylvan Spirits” – Nox Arcana

I just discovered Nox Arcana very recently, and I’m really excited about them. I am a huge sucker for concept albums (of which they’ve made oh so many) and beautiful, ambient soundscapes. This is a song off of their fairy-tale Grimm Tales album, but they also have many other themed albums, including a pirate one Phantoms of the High Seas. It seems weird to take this song out of its context, but I didn’t think it was reasonable to include an entire album on a playlist post.

“Time for Tea” – Emilie Autumn

Speaking of concept albums, I also like the whole of Emilie Autumn’s Fight Like a Girl album, with the glaring exception of the official music video for “Fight Like a Girl.” I also simply adore typography music videos, and this video in particular is the one that introduced me to this album. This same person also made videos for “Girls! Girls! Girls!,” “Scavenger,” “Heard It All,” and “We Want Them Young” from Emilie Autumn.

“Wig in a Box” – Hedwig and the Angry Inch movie (2001)

While the other songs on this playlist have been a bit more “serious” in that they give off gothic lolita vibes, this is just a silly song that always gets me into a lolita head-space.

Since I watched this movie for the first time, this song is guaranteed to get stuck in my head whenever I’m putting on a wig. Watching this clip out-of-context doesn’t really convey what a change of pace this is from the rest of the movie, so just take my word for it that it’s a great moment. Better yet, watch the movie! It’s great.

* * *

As a bonus, here are my two favorite songs that actually say “lolita” in the lyrics.

Please note, these songs are either referencing Vladimir Nabokov’s character Dolores or the Western misconception of her as a sexual temptress-child. If it really bothers you to think of other meanings of “lolita” alongside the delightful J-fashion lolita, then you might be happier ignoring these next two songs.

“Lolita” – Lana Del Rey

This is a song that only appeared on the deluxe version of the album Born to Die, which is a shame because I think it’s one of the best songs from that album. I’ve seen people refer to Lana Del Rey’s music as “Hollywood sadcore,” and this particular album really gives me Americana vibes. I don’t really like a lot of her songs, but I do really love this one.

“Eros and Apollo” – Studio Killers

Watch if you want to see 8-bit sweet lolitas!

Studio Killers is a virtual band my boyfriend introduced me to. Boy, their music is catchy. I really love “All Men Are Pigs” and “Jenny,” which has such a lovely music video, by them as well. This video is amazing, and it has both sweet lolitas (albeit in simple coords) and neon images of Dolores from the Lolita movies.

* * *

Readers, what are your favorite lolita-esque songs? Do you have any lolita playlists? Share them in the comments.

Stay musical,


I know a lot of people have done a similar post, since it’s one of the prompts for 30 Days of Lolita Challenge. Since that challenge isn’t as interlinked or organized as the Lolita Blog Carnival, I decided not to link to any because I knew I wouldn’t be able to link to all of them. Still, there are other posts out there you can search for if you want to find others’ playlists.