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101 Things in 1,001 Days

Hello, readers,

I came across the 101 Things in 1,001 Days challenge for the first time last week. I thought it was a really cool way to list out a lot of goals of various importance all in one place to see what you can accomplish in 2.75 years. I recently looked at my New Year’s resolutions I made at the start of 2015, and I was really surprised by just how much I’ve changed in 3.5 years. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to achieve a lot of these new goals. Since there are 101 of them, that gave me the freedom to include some more “minor” aspirations that sadly never make the more restrictive goal lists.

I’ve seen a few blogs now that separate their list into categories like “business” and “friends and family,” but I like the more disorganized lists. They seem to give more permission for spontaneous completion. I wrote my list in Google Sheets and used a random number function to sort things, so you won’t find any intentional pattern in the list below. Fair warning: a lot of the items have to do with fixing up and prettifying the house.

* * *

Start Day: August 25, 2018

End Day: May 22, 2021

  • Plain formatted items are still in progress.
  • Bolded items are completed, and I’m going to try to document as many of the items as I can. 
  • Striked items are things I decided that I don’t care about anymore.
  1. Make more sugar heart “cubes”
  2. Wear “minimal makeup” (eyeliner, blush, lip color) at least once a week
  3. Go to a pumpkin patch in the fall
  4. Bake a pie from scratch
  5. Read the Arabian Nights, one story a night
  6. Grow as many edible flowers as possible
  7. Finish a draft for a novel
  8. Make or buy a swimsuit I’ll actually wear
  9. Learn to play piano
  10. See an opera
  11. Re-texture the first floor walls
  12. Make butter
  13. Watch (for the first time) a movie that my mom got me for Christmas years ago…
  14. Attend another lolita meet
  15. Stop casually swearing
  16. Paint a portrait of my cat
  17. Send out holiday greeting cards (for Halloween or Christmas) (October 2018)
    • Six cards, Halloween 2018
  18. Make a pair of lounge/flannel bloomers
  19. Successfully germinate some coffee seeds
  20. Install better laminate flooring in the bedroom upstairs
  21. Read at least 101 books in a year (101 books in 2018)
  22. Preserve/can something (water bath method)
  23. Install baseboard in all the rooms
  24. Go bowling (January 2019)
    • Game 1: 82
    • Game 2: 100
    • Back in high school, while on the bowling team, I my score would be in the range of 120-180.
  25. Participate in National Novel Writing Month again
  26. Learn to crochet doilies
  27. Make ice cream by hand
  28. Get my bass guitar adjusted and fighting fit again
  29. Fill up a coloring book
  30. Make/have a vegan dinner at least once a week for a month
  31. Sew a dress for myself
  32. Visit a Renaissance Festival or other fair
  33. Play croquet
  34. Get a plot in my local community garden (January 2019)
  35. Make more mead
  36. Buy a better-fitting corset
  37. Wear a corset once a week on average
  38. See how well a robot vacuum works in the house (September 2018)
    • Verdict: great! I bought an iRobot Roomba 690. It might be a silly fool that bumps into things and sometimes forgets to go into all the rooms, but it picks up SO MUCH debris/hair/fur. I love it.
  39. Make rosewater
  40. Get a new driver’s license (September 2018)
  41. Send thank you notes to people in my life
  42. Hang a chandelier somewhere (October 2018)
    • Just in case I can’t manage a permanent chandelier installation, I’m going to say these Halloween string lights count.P1120627
  43. Finish the pom-pom rug I started (it’s 85% done)
  44. Reach out to a high school friend I haven’t spoken to in years
  45. Take a bath with a homemade bath bomb
  46. Collect fresh eggs from my (future) pet chickens
  47. Hang curtains back up in the main downstairs room (November 2018)
  48. Make the trip to Minneapolis to visit my partner’s grandmother ASAP
  49. Ask 10 friends what a favorite book of theirs is, then read them all
  50. Go to a murder mystery dinner
  51. Post another recipe to the Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice series on this blog
  52. Get a few blouses custom-made for me
  53. Find something amazing at a thrift store
  54. Harvest some produce I grew myself
  55. Remodel my bathroom
  56. Attend a roller derby
  57. Replace all the doorknobs in the house with glass ones
  58. See a ballet performance
  59. Apply to a Masters of Library and Information Science degree program
  60. Sand and prime the remaining kitchen cabinets
  61. Buy a better harness for my cat so she can have more outdoor time
  62. Get a pair of stylish, comfortable boots
  63. Attend a Play! Pokemon event
  64. Get a better pillow with neck support
  65. Find a tub (I can afford) worthy of bubble baths
  66. Re-texture the downstairs ceilings
  67. Travel somewhere with my partner
  68. Throw a theme night — dinner, games, music, and maybe a movie
  69. Hang drywall upstairs
  70. Take a couple’s cooking class
  71. Sell something on my Etsy shop to a stranger
  72. Install chair rail in the big/main room
  73. See a musical
  74. Learn to make a decent curry
  75. De-vine the hill-jungle of a backyard I have
    • This has morphed into a full landscaping project that will take us years to complete. We were going to hire landscapers to terrace the backyard, but they gave us a quote of $27,000 for doing the lower HALF of the yard.
    • I’m hoping that a tree service will be able to rip all the random trees out of the hill so I can plant fruit trees and my partner and I can eventually terrace it ourselves.
  76. Paint the front door
  77. Update my resume (September 2018) (and my partner’s, too, while I’m at it)
    • Updated it just in time to apply to a new job! I have an interview October 9, 2018.
      • I did not get the job, but I was told I was the runner-up candidate. Oh well.
  78. See a play
  79. Have a picnic in a cemetery
  80. Write consistently using my typewriter (freshly tuned-up!)
  81. See the symphony (February 2019)
    • Conductor: Herbert Blomstedt
    • Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, “Pastoral”
    • Dvořák: Symphony No. 8
  82. Get on my partner’s health insurance (or my own) before I turn 26
  83. Buy a fancy china cup and saucer
  84. Replace the casings on the relevant doorways with matching millwork
  85. Finish at least one DIY project every month for a year
    • September 2018 – melted a solid lump-style deodorant and poured it into a cleaned out Dove deodorant stick. The new stick format is much easier to use, and it limits the deodorant’s air exposure.
    • October 2018 – made a Snorlax costume for my boyfriend, made a Mega Mawile costume for me.
    • November 2018 – finished painting a group of miniatures (Salt Pillar spawn point – a self-sculpted and proxied version – for Super Dungeon Explore)
    • December 2018 – my boyfriend and I installed a pendant swag light in our friends’ music room as their Christmas present. It’s plugged in to an outlet controlled by a switch, so it works like a normal light!
    • January 2019 – made a DIY version of the As Seen on TV Spicy Shelf following this tutorial: https://www.hometalk.com/9491843/diy-spicy-shelf-organizer
  86. Attend a soccer match
  87. Complete and frame at least three 1000+ piece puzzles
    • Finished
      • Eurographics: The Lady of Shallot (October 2018)
      • Aquarius: Hogwarts Express (January 2019)
    • Framed
      • Aquarius: Hogwarts Express (January 2019)
      • Eurographics: The Lady of Shallot (January 2019)
  88. Make a drying rack for herbs
  89. Paint the inside of the house
  90. Try a natural deodorant (August 2018)
    • I bought Aromaco from Lush. It worked fantastically for 1.5 weeks, but then I got a rash. I don’t think it’s contact dermatitis. I’ll try the deodorant again when the rash is gone.
  91. Try taking a milk bath
  92. Make herbal blends for tea and things
  93. Dye my hair again
  94. Go ice skating
  95. Make the porch awning look less horrible
  96. Travel somewhere by myself
  97. Get rid of clothes I don’t wear or don’t fit
  98. Attend a hockey game
  99. Make a wreath
  100. Try rock climbing
  101. Paint the kitchen cabinets

Wish me luck,



Lifestyle Lessons: 50 Ideas for Your Lolita Lifestyle

Hello, readers,

I thought I’d share something different with you this New Year’s Day.

There’s a list of 101 Lolita Lifestyle Ideas on egl made by skyewishes in 2005. Please read through it if you like; it’s pretty fun, but it is 10 years old.

This here is my list of ideas for ways to make your lifestyle a little more lolita, partially inspired by the list on egl. Visit my Lifestyle Ideas page to see this same list, with links to relevant posts/sites. This post is meant to be printer-friendly.

I tried to focus on ideas for the lone lolita, but there’s no reason that you can’t do some of the things with friends or your comm.

  1. Learn the Victorian language of flowers and use it in your everyday life.
  2. Get a penpal. They don’t have to be a lolita at all, and you can write letters about whatever.
  3. Start keeping a diary or a journal.
  4. Make a scrapbook or album with printed photographs of all your coords.
  5. Be like Queen Victoria and keep an album/catalogue of all your things (specifically your lolita pieces). A lot of us already do the hard work required for this every year for the January wardrobe posts.
  6. Press flowers and leaves. Use them to decorate a diary, scrapbook, card, etc.
  7. If you have the option, paint your walls and coordinate the wall colors and trim. You could also look into putting up wallpaper if you want to splurge a little more.
  8. Instead of putting up plain posters or pictures in your room/house/dorm, frame them. Taped-up posters and prints make a room seem slip-shod and cluttered. (Plus, then the posters gather dust.) Painting a bunch of mismatched frames is also a great way to add an accent color to your space that might be hard to incorporate otherwise, like gold.
  9. If you own a lot of mismatched furniture, paint it (and reupholster it if you can do that on your own) to give it new life and to give the room a more cohesive feel.
  10. Cover or decorate your computer desk. Computers are fantastic, but the cables are unsightly. You can spread a lace tablecloth over the whole desk, or use fabric and tension rods to make under-desk curtains/table skirts to hide the cable mess and give you some hidden storage.
  11. Keep your space (your section of a dorm, bedroom, apartment, house, etc.) clean and tidy. If you’re going to display the things you love or change your space to suit your aesthetic, you want to make sure there isn’t any mess or stray clutter to distract and detract from your hard work.
  12. Make sure your bedclothes match your lolita aesthetic. If you can’t afford or don’t want a fancy comforter, then at least make a simple, ruffled bed skirt.
  13. Replace your morning alarm tone with birdsong or ringing church bells (or ice cream truck music or whatever else will fit your idea lolita life).
  14. Get a house robe in colors inspired by your wardrobe or a pair of plush lolita-esque slippers so you can start your day right away with a special, cuddly dose of the lifestyle.
  15. Repackage your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc., into cuter bottles. Get a set of squeeze bottles or pumps in a color you like, and then refill them with your regular products. Make sure you have labels or some other way to distinguish between them, though!
  16. Have your pets share in your lolita lifestyle. Get your dog a lavender pastel dog bed, tape an appropriately sized print-out of the Dream Marine or Twinkle Mermaid print to the back of your fish/turtle/snake tank, put your cat’s food in brand-released novelty plates, and so on. (Just make sure any modifications are still functional for your pets!)
  17. If you have a garden or a nice view of nature, eat your breakfast outside and appreciate the beauty around you. Even if you don’t live anywhere near green spaces or trees, maybe eat your breakfast outside anyway to feel the potential breeze.
  18. Try and wear lolita accessories with your non-lolita outfits. Hair pieces can be a bit much, but you can pin a smaller bow or rosette to a regular cardigan, for instance.
  19. Use a lolita bag as your regular, everyday handbag/purse. Coordinate it to your non-lolita outfit just as you would match it to your coords.
  20. If using a full lolita bag is not an option, switch your wallet to a cute, loliable one.
  21. Always carry a waterproof parasol (or pretty umbrella) on your walks to protect you from the sun, rain, and snow, even if you aren’t wearing lolita.
  22. Keep a pretty handkerchief with you, and spread it over public seats (like those on public transportation and park benches) before sitting down.
  23. Take simple, cute bento boxes for lunch. They don’t have to be super time-consuming and elaborate, but I think a dose of cuteness in the middle of the work/school day does wonders for the soul.
  24. If you have the opportunity to take some classes, try learning things that connect to your ideas of a lolita lifestyle. Learn calligraphy, millinery, design, art history, or whatever fits your life.
  25. Make your lounge clothes lolita-inspired. Instead of sweat pants and a T-shirt, hang out in long bloomers made of flannel, fleece or something else that’s cuddly, and a cutsew OP.
  26. Find music that gets you in a lolita frame of mind. This could be anything from Malice Mizer, to Motzart, to songs from Disney movies.
  27. Whenever you get the chance, brew your tea in a teapot instead of making a mug-sized portion with a tea bag. (If loose-leaf tea is not your thing, then you can just use the single serving tea bags in the tea pot. The extra bit of ceremony is what you’re after.)
  28. Make time to sit quietly, drink tea or cocoa, and relax every day. Use this as a time to put problems in perspective or to look forward to (or reminisce on) the day. Even the busiest people have a spare 15 minutes. No matter what is going on, it’s important that you love and take care of yourself, too.
  29. Make your cups, glasses, plates, bowls, etc., fit your lolita lifestyle. Maybe that means replacing any and all drinkware with tea cups. Maybe that means making sure all your china has gold or silver detailing. Maybe that means your plates, bowls, and cups are all officially licensed Hello Kitty merchandise.
  30. Find a way to infuse something lolita-esque into non-dessert food. Maybe you’ll make meatloaf “cupcakes” with mashed potato “frosting,” or maybe you’ll replace a regular rice side dish with pink rice.
  31. Bake desserts, and then share your creations with neighbors, family, co-workers, or classmates. Spread the joy!
  32. Write thank you cards for every gift you receive. If you don’t often get presents, write thank you notes if someone does something particularly nice or helpful for you.
  33. Replace your plain post-it notes and paper pads with pretty stationery.
  34. Replace/modify your writing utensils with/into lolita ones. You can write with a quill and ink, a red pen filled with fake blood, or you can just put a cute bat or coffin topper on your existing pencils and pens. (It’s easy to use sweet or classic themes revamp your writing implements, too.)
  35. Learn to embroider things, and then add embroidered details to your clothes. If you can’t wear a big, lacey Peter Pan collared blouse to your job, you might be able to embroider the collar and cuffs of plain shirt with little details. (That probably won’t work if you have to wear a uniform, though.) You can also customize your lolita wardrobe this way, especially if you have a dominant color scheme or a dominant visual theme (like hearts or cherries).
  36. Watch some lolita-esque movies. There are also television shows and short films with lolita characters in them.
  37. Play a lolita board game or card game. This is also a fun, casual way to enjoy the hobby with supportive non-lolitas or people who don’t understand yet why you love this fashion.
  38. Make (or buy) a pair of lolita pajamas. Bloomers and a camisole would work, but so would a flowing nightgown. Pick whichever one suits your style and climate.
  39. Read fairy tales or nursery rhymes before you go to bed. If you have someone who can read aloud to you, ask them to do so. These stories are much better when you can actually hear them.
  40. Build or get a dollhouse, and decorate it as you would your lolita dream house. This is especially helpful if you can’t decorate or change your own living space.
  41. Start a library or collection of books, poems, manga, etc., that speaks to your lolita aesthetic. You don’t have to buy beautiful, expensive, leather-bound editions to start a collection, either. There are so many wonderful, old texts for free online, and you can always borrow books from your local library if you like reading from the physical objects.
  42. Buy or make a doll, and dress it in lolita or ouji. This can be anything from an official brand collaboration with Pullip to an old doll purchased at a thrift store. If human dolls freak you out, you can dress up a plushie or a stuffed toy rabbit or cat.
  43. Illustrate your favorite stories or books using lolita characters. If the text you’re illustrating is online, you can even print it out and paste in your illustrations where you want them to go. Then you’ve got an amazing custom version of your favorite story. How cool is that?
  44. If visual arts are not your thing, try rewriting a story/novel with a lolita aesthetic. I think this is a lot of fun. Make Dorian Gray a lolita. Write an adventure for Alice in a world based off a lolita print, like Milky Planet or Guilty Meltin’ Sweets Town.
  45. Take up photography, or start photographing things other than your coords and possible selfies. Take pictures of what you think is beautiful and of small details you notice.
  46. Speaking of coord photography, plan elaborate photoshoots for yourself. Set up a background/location, some props, and a perfectly themed coord. If you don’t have a friend to help, try taking pictures with a tripod. (If you have a friend who’s one of those mythical photographers willing to do work for free just to build their portfolio, this might be a good project to talk to them about.)
  47. Sing, or play piano (or basically any other musical instrument). Act like an accomplished middle-to-upper-class girl from the 19th century and entertain your household with your talents.
  48. Start a flower garden, or take care of a pretty potted plant. Make sure your gardening equipment and/or pots are in your preferred color scheme.
  49. Assuming you have a bathtub, take a bath every now and then, and luxuriate in warm, scented water with bubbles or rose petals floating on the surface. Be safe if you want to light candles or listen to music while you’re in the tub!
  50. Next time you travel, try and make time to do some new lolita-esque things to do that you might not be able to do at home, i.e. visit a rose garden, spend time in a beautiful and stately library, go see a historical home or graveyard, and so on. If you get a chance to visit a brand shop or a nice antique store, take a look around.

Stay resolved,


New Year’s Lolita Resolutions

Hello, readers,

Happy New Year! So, two years ago I made a post on my tumblr about 10 goals I had for developing a more refined/anachronistic/lolita lifestyle. Looking back, I’d say I was pretty successful.

  1. Improve my posture
  2. Read more
  3. Write my stories in longhand or with a typewriter
  4. Practice playing a musical instrument every day
  5. Improve my drawing/painting skills
  6. Eat less processed foods
  7. Better my chess game
  8. Stop depriving myself of sleep
  9. Study etiquette
  10. Spend more time being with people in-person, without distractions

I didn’t study etiquette, but I took a ballroom dancing class at my university, which works towards the same kind of idea. I never practice playing musical instruments, and I haven’t for a long time, which makes me sad to think about. Lastly, I’m still really bad at chess. All in all, I think the changes I made were definitely for the better, and I’m a lot happier with my life now than I was back then.

* * *

Without further ado, here is a new list of goals I’m setting for myself as I work towards having a happy, healthy, lolita lifestyle.

  1. Sew/craft more often and finish works in progress
  2. Better my chess game (I mean it this time.)
  3. Dance as often as I can
  4. Read more Victorian literature and poetry (I am actively trying to go to graduate school to work on a Ph.D. in Victorian lit.)
  5. Wear lolita more often, at least once or twice a week
  6. Work on making my non-lolita wardrobe more lolita- and/or gothic-inspired
  7. Regularly make artist books and get better at bookmaking in general
  8. Work on my writing, finish my novel, get published
  9. Continue learning Japanese
  10. Love the people in my life with all my heart

Readers, do you have any lolita-specific goals or resolutions for the new year? Please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear them.

Stay motivated,