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Corset Journey: Seasoning, Days 3, 4, 6, 8, 9

Hello, readers,

I’ve been very bad about seasoning my corset recently. I ended up skipping a bunch of days here and there. On the bright side, I have had someone both help me lace up my corset and take pictures of my progress any time I have worn it. Anyway, here is my status update. (This is my made-to-measure (petite) Josephine corset in black satin from Isabella Corsetry.)

Day 3



Day 4

Slightly under 32"

Slightly under 32″


Day 6



At this point, I stopped doing the strict 2-2-2 method and tried a reduction of three inches from when I put the corset loosely on. Everything felt totally fine, so I decided to keep slowly trying to tighten it day by day.

Day 8




I was really surprised that I got down to 31″ again. I had just eaten a really big meal, and I had skipped a day since last putting this corset on, but it felt super comfortable at 31 inches. (It was exactly as comfortable as it was worn at 34 inches, which is what the 2-2-2 method would have suggested for today… Yeah, it was a very big dinner.)

Day 9




I originally tried to get down to 30″ today, but that felt too tight and uncomfortable. 30.25″ was good, but it widened slightly to 30.5″ as we tried to make sure that the back two channels with the grommets were parallel. I’m very surprised at the side view, because it doesn’t look as drastic as I thought it would. Wearing this corset, I don’t feel any pressure on my sides, instead I justĀ  mostly feel like it’s squishing in the front of my stomach/ribs area and pressing a bit on my back. However, the front view shows a dramatic change, but the side view doesn’t. Or, at least, not yet. I just thought that was something I should point out as I found it surprising that the pressure directions don’t necessarily match the reduction directions.

Lastly, wearing jeans with a corset over top is really annoying, especially because most of my jeans are slightly too big to begin with. They keep trying to slide out from underneath the corset, and they feel really weird when I’m sitting because they aren’t sitting right on me. Comfy pajama pants are far superior.

Stay consistent,