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Review: Bodyline Wigs

Hello, readers,

Today, I’m going to review a pair of Bodyline wigs that I ordered. I got W057 in red (4) and W089 in gold (1), and I decided to try experimenting with colors with some cheap (but good?) wigs. I’ve seen a lot of quick reviews about Bodyline wigs, and every single one says that the wigs are good quality for the price. As a wig novice, I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. I intend to review these wigs in detail to the best of my abilities in the hopes that it helps out some of you who might also be new to wigs.

While wigs are not necessary for lolita, they can be fun and helpful. Plus, I am hoping to be able to wear wigs on a more everyday basis so I can look nice even when my hair is a mess.

Let’s face it, as much as I love my natural hair, it looks like this most of the time:

What can you do?

Also, I was a bit absent-minded when I made my order and forgot to buy extra wig caps from Bodyline. When I took all these photos for this review, I also couldn’t find my own wig cap, so I improvised. If my wigs look like they’re sitting weirdly (I don’t think they do), this might be the reason.

Without further ado, here’s the review.

* * *

Air Mail Shipping and Packaging

For the first time, I was tempted to go with EMS shipping. There’s something about the “instant transformation” effect of wigs that makes me crave faster shipping, but I went with air mail shipping to keep this order under $50. I sent this order through using their old website when they were transitioning, so I don’t know if that affected my shipping time.

I placed my order on Wednesday, July 22, and I got it on August 13. This was actually the quickest Bodyline air mail delivery I’ve ever had.


The only experience I’ve had with wigs prior to this order is crappy Halloween wigs and a defective Lockshop wig (whose issues have yet to be sorted out, despite a Facebook chat with customer service that has been going on since February…). For those of you who know more about wigs and the value to expect at certain price ranges, I’m going to include the cost in the little blurbs so you can decide for yourself if Bodyline wigs are indeed good for the price.

Both these wigs shed if I run my hands over them, but I don’t think it’s anything ridiculous. My Lockshop wig shed more than these two wigs, actually. I haven’t handled them enough to figure out if the shedding is just a “new” thing or if it persists.

W057 – red (4)

I’ve always thought that this wig looked lovely on the site. In person, the fibers are meh. They’re really not that soft, but they don’t feel bad against my neck or shoulders. The bangs were the worst part about this wig for me. I would have liked if they were longer for aesthetic reasons, but they came at just the perfect length to stab me in the eyes as I tried to get this wig on and adjust it. The bangs were also cut very sloppily, with long leftover strands and general unevenness. The wig cap sometimes felt too tight, but other times when I put it on it felt like it was just barely the right size. If you know you have a large head or sometimes have issues with wig caps being too small, this one might give you problems.

It’s a shame that this wig isn’t very soft because I really love the colors: a mix of box-dye burgundy and black. The colors do change a lot depending on the lighting, though. When I went outside with this wig, my boyfriend said he thought it turned pink. I don’t know if I agree with that, but it’s certainly different from the almost red-brown color it was in our poorly lit living room.

At the time of buying, 2,499 yen was just a couple cents over $20.

W089 – gold (1)

This wig is delightful. The curls are so bouncy, and they boing with every step and shake of my head. That obviously makes it look less like natural hair, but I love the effect. Also, the wig fibers are really soft. They’re even softer than my Lockshop wig ever was. The wig did come with loose fuzzy hairs, and I have no idea how hard it will be to maintain the lovely curls, but this is my favorite wig of the two I bought. The wig cap is also larger than the W057 one, but I don’t know how to give more specific information about that. The default bangs on this wig are super long, so make sure you’re prepared to cut them if you decide to order it.

(I will show more about the twin tails later on.)

I thought this blended blonde color was lovely. It does change color when going from indoor lighting to outdoor, but I like both the muted blonde and brighter blonde color I’ve seen with this wig.

I only plan on using the main wig base because I dislike twin tails. Still, here is what they look like.

When I bought this wig, 3,499 yen was about $28.

Wigs with Cut Bangs

Well, that’s it for the review.

I don’t really know if either of them look more natural. W057 is a more natural style, but it’s a box-dye red color that I’ve never seen be anyone’s natural hair color. W089 is a lovely color and it’s blended convincingly, but the shape of the curls and the bounciness make it more conspicuous. The only other wig style that caught my attention is the ringlet one, but Bodyline seems to be out of black.

* * *

Readers, do you have any experience with Bodyline wigs? What are your feelings on wigs in lolita/general fashion? Please let me know in the comments below.

Update: If you are interested in reviews of Bodyline’s clothing and accessories, I have done two reviews that you can read here and here.

Stay lovely,